Like a true Calgarian driver

Enaberif is nice in real life they said. He's helpful they said. I think not, as I crawl through my Civic's passenger door.

(640 spot parkade too, what a dickbutt)

LOL … I could understand it, if there is no place where to park, so he had to do it. But there is plenty of place and people like this are getting their cars scratched by keys on purpose - because they are dicks.

Oh well, you cannot cure stupid. You can make stupid angry by slightly damaging his car, but that it is. Still, it is a pretty moronic move at least. Glad you can do the seat switch w/o troubles, LPfan4ever 😉

I could imagine some overweight guy/gal who cannot do it.

BTW, there are plenty of good guys and drivers in Calgary. Don't pick on them all  😉

Just do what this guy does…