**Closed**Giveaway Ideas to win more Giveaway Items

So I was playing some games last night and turned around to see there was 2 boxes of giveaways just sitting there,
one from MSI and one from PNY and it got me thinking, "How should we do these giveaways?"

so I leave it to the followers and Forum members, How should we do the next giveaway?
Great ideas may just win themselves an instant prize

How about a contest where you win by guessing what it is based on daily hints (or every few days if you want it to go on longer).

Another option is the same idea, but instead of hints it's new pictures , or slowly showing more of one picture.

I never win stuff, but I usually enjoy those guessing ones.

Come on new graphics card….fingers crossed.

Actually if it's a graphics card better than a gtx460 maybe the winner can be the first reply to this thread. Just a thought...lol

Honestly idea one is a great idea. I think I'm sold on that one for one of the items 🙂

Good stuff….I look forward to the contest. Any ideas for how you will run the second item?

Well I'm setting it up as 4 giveaways one. Is at a sponsored event in  calgary this Friday. One is your fine idea, 1 unsure and 1 most likely a Facebook one 🙂

But many more to come.

Still planning on setting something up for these items?

Very soon back from holidays and getting shit done 🙂

would be nice to have a stab at winning an SSD.. sorely could use one of those now.

Giveaways are fun!!
Although I never win them,the hope of winning is invigorating.