Helllooo Halifax/Nova Scotia

So I made it to Halifax on Monday evening (June 30th). Looked at places then, on the first and a final one on the second. Signed a lease on the third, moved into said place and got internet hooked up today.to

Interesting note on the drive, a fair amount of OPP were out stopping and ticketing people in Ontario. Quebec, holy crap were there ever a lot of police in that province pulling people over. New Brunswick, not a single cop car, same with Nova Scotia.

Nice thing about the place is that it was quite cool when we viewed it on a quite hot and humid day of the 30th. Only downside is the day we moved in we found the main floor a bit damp, 150$ later and de-humidifier has rectified that issue, made the main floor a bit warm, but once it levels out it shouldn't be as bad. We are also fortunate that it is partially furnished, big long L couch, kitchen table with chairs (though we have our own), TV stand (which will probably go into storage), a bring your own bed (minus the mattress so the fold-able frame), and a microwave. To top all of that off, all the appliances are under 5 years, so that's stackable washer/dryer, fridge (with freezer on the bottom 🙂 ), dishwasher and a small starter microwave. Finally it was one of the few places that had electricity hooked up to it so that we only have to change it into our name in a week or so.

I've just been running around town since yesterday getting additional security forms filled out at the YMCA employment centre, getting my car safety-ed, registering my car (getting plates and NS license), changing my car and home insurance to NS (lower premiums on both!), dealing with idiots at PC Mastercard about getting my credit limit increased so I can use it to pay the movers (get PC points over using a certified cheque).

I still need to get the MACPASS so that I can zip through the bridge tolls and pay less per crossing, pay for the actual move, get the move, mail off the remainder of my security forms, and some other stuff on my to do list on my phone that I can't currently remember.

My only greater rant is the damn cost to move, moving company, motel rooms, gas, food (even with pre-made meals to nuke can't eat every meal at the motel), new items for the place (stuff not worth moving over buying new).

This is to Saint John, NB.

Saint John, I am going to have to apologize to you for thinking you had the worst laid out streets. Having been navigating the streets of Halifax for half a week man are they worse. Streets turn into other streets, branch off into random directions.

Who thought it was idea to put a round about with 5 entrances/exits and two lanes wide?

Congrats on making it safe and sound. Halifax definitely has some messed up streets (if your not familiar a gps is a must). One of the older cities in Canada, and everything was built around paralleling the water (and not big enough for current day 2 way traffic).

The best part about round abouts in NS is that no body really knows how to use them (if you ever drive in the UK you will see how it should be done). Everyone just kind of makes their way through it with fingers crossed that they don't hit anyone. There is another 5 way intersection in Halifax, but it has lights (I will let you figure it out when you get there).

You made it just in time for a hurricane (lucky you). I know I am not looking forward to this one.

Good luck with the rest of the administration of the move and unpacking!

Thanks, I may have see that one already with the lights and not remember. I've driven all over Halifax, including downtown in the past several days so it's a lot of a blur now.

As for the tropical storm, I was in NB when  a few of them hit, though both Fredericton and Saint John never really saw much of either (minus one very rainy and windy day in Fredericton).

Too funny
I've been saying this for years since I moved back from Kitchener
Halifax is the most difficult place I've ever been to navigate around
I got around Montreal easier
It's a nice place, but jesus, it's like someone on acid designed the roadways
Wait until you find the streets that turn into one way traffic…good times

It's not so bad one you get the hang of it but damn Nova Scotia income tax sucks….


It's not so bad one you get the hang of it but damn Nova Scotia income tax sucks….

Yup. That and electricity. Car insurance is generally cheaper than elsewhere though.

Yeah the 30-40 a month I'm saving on car insurance is going to the MacPass so….