EVGA GTX 660 Superclocked - fan on full speed and no display

Just four days ago I made this little build with MSI P55A-GD55 mobo (Intel P55 chipset socket 1156 mainboard rev. 2.1), i5 750  CPU, 8G rams and eVGA GTX 660 Superclocked 1046/1111MHz core, 2048MB GDDR5 at 6008MHz. PSU is Enermax 620W Liberty (completely recapped with hi-quality caps).

Fresh install (after some fun with Win2k and WinXP on i5, lol) of Win7 64 Ultimate Czech SP1. Used the nVidia drivers Forceware 337.88 Win7 64bit.

All went well and smoothly, the graphic card worked well and I played some WoT, WarThunder and finished Crysis (1) in about 2 days. Yesterday I tried Crysis Warhead and todays at about 16h I finished it. Then powered off the computer, did some work and around 19h get on it again to take some screens from interesting places, before uninstalling Crysis Warhead.

But something went wrong. After like 15minutes of fun the display went black suddently, the game seems to work for some time (like second) and then it freezed. On reboot, bios settings are wrong. Noproblemo, loaded the profile again and all went good again.

After another 10min of fun in Crysis Warhead it almost repeated, but this time the machine cannot power on at all!

So, current situation is - when I power on the machine, then it looks like working (keyboard flick, etc.) but the fan on eVGA GTX 660 is on full speed (oh, well, this IS damn noisy!) and no display. Tried repeat that X times, tried resets, no help. So the temperature in room was 24°C and 67% of humidity. This should not be that bad to cook the poor card… or can it be? (no overclocking, no playing with settings, no mods, no nothing special/different)

The build is nothing special, but the case is reasonably well ventilated Bitfenix Merc Alpha, 120mm input fan:

…what should I do now? The card is brand new 😞 And I fear that when I replace it with any other card, the machine will just work as it should 😞

We see what the eVGA support do suggest:
off to hardcore reset the bios by switch, damn… and no help 😞 And as expected, using a MSI GTX 210 passive card I got the machine working in no time ... so the problem is obviously in the card, DAMN 😞

Have you tried using the dual molex adapter to 6 pin? I have had the same issues with a few cards when my 6 pin gpu power for one reason or another failed on the power supply.

Also try the lower slot on the board just in case as well

No, the Enermax 620W Liberty have a direct 6 pin cable. And I measured 12.12V on it w/o load, 12.11V with the card connected ON the card connector (on it's PCB). So voltage it get. Output from the regulators are 0.1V, witch is far from enought, obviously 😞


Are trying another slot really worth, when on the top slot is the MSI GTX 210 working nicely? I could try the POV 8600GT there too, as well, as the 6800GT … but I bet all cards will work there just normal.
Also that would require removing the back case brackets and there is also no reason for, because we know, that the slot is good, because another card (should I try more cards?!) is working well in it. So the PCIE slot is good. On top of that, we know be measuring that the PSU is good and we also know from measuring that the voltage regulators on the card give now 0.1V to the GPU, witch is itself proof, that the card cannot work at all now.
Or you have other way to explain this?

The major problem seems to me, that the card is not giving any voltage output after the regulators after yesterday play 😞  :-[  😠

Okay, RMA started (ID 363689), the case was send to eVGA Germany (RMA# 543214001607) on Tuesday, 15.7.2014.

It would be VERY ineresting for me to know, what happend to the card. But I quess that eVGA won't be telling me. Still I try to convince them to get some details.

EVGA has shipped your RMA. This is the information:

RMA Number: 543214001607
Shipped Date: 7/21/2014
Shipped By: UPS
Tracking Number: 1Z0091Y26863816447

4 days is kinda nice fast RMA turnaround. But I will accept to wait longer, if I get to know, what went wrong with the poor card still…

RMA card eVGA GTX 660 Superclocked recieved todays - as eVGA GTX 660 FTW - and it have much nicer cooler!

It is very nice fast RMA from eVGA and also the card is a bit faster, because the Superclocked version:
…had "only" 1046/1111MHz core clocks, while the FTW version:
...does feature a 1072/1137MHz core clocks ( not shown in GPU-Z http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/99qnm/ ). The more the better and I willing to bet that this card will be also MUCH more quiet in the run.

Card seems to work quite all right (and very quietly too!):


Just be wary of that old PSU you have, I worry that while voltage might be good it could have had another fault. Overall though glad that you got yourself back up and running.


Well, I worry very much, witch is why I'm (after brief testing) back on my P4 old-ass box, where I know that the PSU is good and did no cause any trouble at all (or maybe it does cause trouble - hence the crashes when 3D gaming?! - but the hardware survive).

I have to only sometimes for a hour or two test something on it and basically leave the hardware alone for time being. That is IMHO the best bet I can do it right now.
Under load, the voltage get to 11.98V on the connector of the GFX card itself, witch is not bad at all, yet still it is uncertain, how much ripple the PSU give out and it might die when stressed again, so I have to wait for better PSU to be sure my new great HW did not die again. Sad, but better be sad yet safe, that be sorry w/o usable GFX card, right?

No answer from eVGA, if I can buy the additional warranty. They told me about "one time replacement", witch suxx a bit. Not that I have credit card or paypal, but at least I wanted to know. No word about it from them yet.