Crysis needs no introduction. It was developed by Crytek back in 2007 and I never been able to play it, so when I get the chance, I go for it. I liked their previous FarCry game a lot, so… clear choice.
At first, I had DVD with the game already, so I looked for some "no-CD-patch" and I found one there: v1.2 [MULTI5] No-DVD Patch
So, after patching the game to v1.2, then I used the patch and then I had to run the game in compatibility mode for Windows Vista SP2 + allow it to run as by Administrator and then the game worked pretty nicely on Win7 64bit Ultimate CZ.

I tried the "normal settings" for the difficulty and I regret it pretty soon. It is a massacre! There are almost endless hords of the poor Koreyans and they use laughably inefficient weapons. That matter, because there is nothing you can get ammo except from them, so player are resorted to use their weapons. That suxx. Even they cannot harm you in the nanosuit - except with concentrated fire from more sides - then there are the helicopters. Each need two hits from the RPGs, you can take. However you can only cary a one RPG with 3 rounds. So if you did not have one with all there rounds ready, then you are as good, as dead.
Back to last save!

What I find worsest is the low power of their weapons, eg. weapons, for witch there are ammo. Their AK74 variant (that using the small NATO rounds 5.56x45, witch are inferior to the 7.62x39 Russian rounds from the AK47 & variants) need to drop a soldier at 100m like 10 to 15 hits (!). Sure, upclose and personal, there are 3 hits and he go down, but just from like 50m it is 5-8 bullets.
Only since like 40m distance the game start recognizing a headshot.

Worsest are their submachine guns. Something like a modification of H&K MP7. Terrible thing. Many bullets flying everywhere except the target itself. Not for use above 25m distance.

Only their"precision rifle" can like 90% one shoot kill in 150+ meters.

On other hand, grenades are reasonably effective. Mounted guns (like M60 machineguns) are so impresise and so spreading their fire, that it is insane. Only by one shoot at time and aimed carefully you have like 50% chance that the bullet go, where you want it. Terrible.

Shotun have zero effectivity past 20m, however it is great for all aliens. Even the big ones "love" it. And since you can carry only two powerfull hanguns (besides RPG, C4, double pistols/SMGs…), then you end up with dilamas like - should I carry the shotgun and precision rifle, or should I use the ammo from their FV71 or whatever their AK74 variant they call it...?

At least the island is beautifull.
Effects are very nice too, see screens.
As for gameplay - normal is only for good players. Easy is probably better choice for most...

For me, two day and that was it. Only problem I had was the flying of the VTOL, when in one place it just almost always landed forcibly, no matter that I hold the trust up. Game restart and flying as away from the sphere as possible to avoid freezing fixed that. Also the target arrow get distracted and point wrong. But quick look at YouTube walkthru video pointed me out to the right direction and the mission was done. The people, that I should alternatively pick up are massacred anyway, not to mention the VTOL was full and heawy already - we left the commanding officer Strictland by their own will on the battle already. He claimed that he is a Marine, he will walk on watter if he had to - it won't hold for long, against the giant alien, but you have to see it for yourself.

On the other hand, the end boss was easy. You yust need to take cover before the freezer, shoot his 4 turrents (3 RPGs or 4 hits with gauss rifle per one), then the archeologist disable his shield on the big guns, then you shoot these with the nuclear experimental gun and when the boss try to sink the carrier by sheer weight, then you open his belly with minigun and shoot a nuclear projectile up there... and then run for the VTOL to get away. Easy 🙂

I actually tried it twice just to be sure that it is that easy. Except the need to cover, search for ammo and cover again and the annoying smaller flying aliens that need 2 hits with gauss rifle witch reload took 15 sec and almost 5 sec it have between shots, it is really easy.
The minigun is useless for whole game except the last moment. It cannot hit anything. Funny thing is, that first the Koreyan nanosuit guys use it against player, scoring many hits and kills for about 150+ meters, witch it possible only because their shifty eyes or something like that. When YOU grab their weapon, you cannot hit anything with it. Not at all. Not by a long shot. Maybe only really upclose... so useless.

In the end, Crysis (1) is a great game. Even that the search inside of the alien home is lenghty, it is still managable (no navigation, tough).  There are only few quirks that sometimes happen (like unable to pick weapon from deck when fighting the last boss - not funny 🙂 ), but no crash or anything really bad, like corrupted save, etc.

Only shame is, that the boses are kinda weak. For example the Korean general is weak suxxka - just get upclose, box him few times to his head and then put a 11 bullets (whole magazine + one in the barell) from precision rifle to him really from point-blank range and that it is. Dead suxxka 🙂

Only my complain is, that the weapons are very weak even to normal soldiers. The silencer also very much lower the bullets power (values of average bullets need to kill are provided with the silencer used, w/o it is about 2x better on the distance, no difference upclose), so I will not recommend it at all.

Even that this is 2007 game, it is great. Even the physic can be used for game - for example some fanatic Koreyans chased me with boat so aggressively, that they run on shore. LOL But I need the boat (his gun not cost ME ammo)... so what now? When I come in FarCry to boat on shore, then there is the possibility  "push boat to water", but not there. What then? Okay, take their army version of Humwee and push the boat ino the water 🙂
The Humwee will drown, yes, but they are around. But you get the boat!
(if you hit the boat with speed and more force, then it explode with your ass too, lol)

So in the end I feel, that the game is trying to push the player to use the nanosuit more that the weapons. So combination of rapid changes in cloak (approach him) maximum power (hit and kill) and maximum armor or maximum speed to run around to next cover is a way to get kills w/o weapons.

Realistic is, that weapons they drop are not automatically picked, not even leaved with some marker. That suxx a bit. Crysis Warhead at least automatically pick the ammo, this Crysis (1) does not. You have to search it, but they at least look blue when you use in-suit binoculars, so there is a little help. But only little.

So, enjoy classic one person shooter as I did 🙂