Pet pix

Good old pet pix section.

Meet Al Pacino our tank with 4 paw drive and 82lb of family dog goodness.

He is a purebred staffordshire pitbull. We fostered him for 4 months but the wife could not give him up so we adopted him. He is 3 years old and a ball of hyper happiness but is allergic to everything haha.

Meet the best cat I've ever met, Calienté

Soul - Al Pacino - heh, that is one hell of a dog 🙂

Supaflyx3 - Damn, she looks very nice, but can she clean, cook and f*ck?  😉  ;D  Then it can be the best cat  😎

So I contribute too - this was my mother dog, Eliska:

A very peacefull German shepherd in striking contrast the the same breed previous dog  😉

Cassanza, my three year old adopted fuzzball of destruction. He's too smart for his own good.

This is my parents' cat, Lemmy, stalking my kitty.

And random family dogs:



Oa AKA " Jerkface" with Dustbunny

Oa with the girlfriends dog (hence the collage lol)

Oa the day I took her home

Very awesome pet pix

Also this is Military Chino and yes that is a Kevlar vest 🙂

He also games


My Baby Girl, Isis!


great looking dog… bad timing on the naming though haha

She Turned 6 actually 2 weeks ago, so she came first as far as I'm concerned. And is named after a Egyptian Goddess.


New lens pix of the dog on our hike

Mr. Al Pacino is ready for some summer swimming

Al Pacino snorted too much coke now he's out of it again 😛 damn scarface

Funny thing is he even had a badass head scar to

My first attempt at taking a picture of my cat for school. She thinks she's a dog

no longer using my old image hosting company they kinda have gone tits up so meet for the 10000x time cino

Dogs getting lazier at his old age


Meet archer, he is a loud sob

IMG_20190525_172120.jpg IMG_20190523_124843.jpg

Finally getting warm out again 🙂IMG_20190518_093500.jpg