MSI GeForce 210-MD512H is really a low-end, testing or office graphic card:

No one shoudl expect anything from it anyway - at default settings it run as GT218 core at 589/500MHz, using 512MB DDR2 64bit rams. Obviously nothing Earthshaking. At default clocks, the card is slower that old POV 8600GT card, that scores 244 points, while this MSI GeForce 210 does only 140 points:
(and the 8600GT is used with only Opteron 148 at 2.8GHz CPU, as compared to i5 750 at 3.5GHz)

But starting with MSI Afterburner the card show significant overclocking potencial w/o any modifications. Default clocks are 589/500Mhz and the Afterburner top out at 765/650. Average overclock on air for the GT218 core is 730/616MHz todays:
…but it was 733/584 on 14/2/2014:
…before I start pushing my rams very far :))) That show that MSI - compared to other companies - use good components even for this low-end crap card.

I just take a 120mm Noiseblocker fan, put it directly on the card = 33°C temps 😄 (765/650MHz are the limits of the MSI Afterburner, so time to check out how to overcome the limits :D):

Results? ATM I get:

4th place in Heaven DX9 mark:

…with 760/650MHz clocks, witch are surpassed everyone except this fella:
...witch 825MHz for core I find hard to believe, because there is no fan near the heatsink and from my experiece with much bigger heatsink it looks that at around 750MHz the card start overheating a lot and at 765MHz it freezed. Mine might take the 765Mhz for core, never tried with fan, but 750MHz seems working well w/o much additional cooling anyway:

Second on 3DMark99:

Third on 3DMark2000:

9th on 3DMark2001:
3DMark 2001 obviously need more CPU power to get better scores…

10th on 3DMark2003:

…so at least I got some fun there 😉 If I figure out, how to move the clock limits, then I might get more overclock from this little poor board, tortured because eVGA GTX660 gived up on me  😄