Obama Takes His Shutdown Government To the Apple Store

HAHA awesome find love it.

Funny, that is not going to work for you… Yea, it is "best" to just destroy the govt and start again for dictators. And imagine that this would happen in the middle of war with Iran and Syria - then immediatelly these fiscaly responsible republicans will be announced as traitors...

A short glimpse of what they do in Iraq (clip from BBC documentary The Trap, part 3):

Definitively a good way to rebuild? Even this is not a joke, I find it still funny that they can claim that this could work with straight face.

And as usuall, this "shutdown" debate is aimed to divide people - where there is nothing to divide. The wars of aggression have to stop. The war against own people (NDAA, NSA, Prism) must be stopped. And the war profiteering from these actions must be dismantled and rule of law (not police) must be returned to the people:
The Blunt Truth About The Government Shutdown – 04:25
— StormCloudsGathering

haha it's crazy how accurate it is

Yea, it was made to be….  but actually when people wake up and realize, what this is all about (another tax), then they will be pretty unhappy with it:

ObamaCare: What You're Not Being Told – 08:06
— StormCloudsGathering