Hey guys! So my trip out of town for work has had me thinking, what do you guys like to play when your on the road?

My list includes

  • EVE Online (Spreadsheets in SPAAAAAAACE!)
  • Prison Architect
  • ArcheAge Alpha/Beta
  • Kerbal Space Program

If internet access is available, then the WoT Blitz for online play looks like a funny WoT for the road. If offline, then you can probably settle with your list or any funny game you can get your hands on.

I find, for example, a PC ramake of old Amiga classic Galaga shooter - Warblade - quite playable:

Warblade [GAMEPLAY by GSTG] - PC – 14:56
— • GSTG •

…if that is your "thing", of course 🙂

(it is tough on the regular setting, but press 1 to get easy play and then I can finish the 99 levels and got so good bonuses, that I finished the game twice and then get boored because it was not challenging anymore 🙂 Most important - have a shield (better two), so you did not die when hit, because if you do, you get weaker fire and that could be the difference between live and death...)

I actually tend to read even more when I'm on the road then when I'm at home.

I would or should be finishing OoT 3DS version…as I started it in April 2013 and just got to be Adult Link...

That warblade game looks pretty cool, very classic arcade. Last night I was playing Empire at War Forces of Corruption before the hotel fire alarm went off for the first time (at 11:30pm x.x)

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