These times almost everyone seems to be convinced by the massmedia propaganda, that Russia is the "bad guy". So, since I like the challenge, let me show you different perspective before jumping to conclusions (yea, everyone was up in arms, when "they" blamed Iraq for having a WMD and it turned out to be a lie, so, a little skepticism is in order, I would say.

So, let's start with what these people that toppled the Ukraine govt are:

Oleh Tyahnybok doing their party salute

Shocking? Wait, it get way better in a second…

First at all, let me say that I did not favor Russians at all. After all, between 1968 and 1991 they occupied us when we tried make socialism with human face - eg. democratize things. However as any superpower, I believe that Russia will do bad things, if they can get away with it, like USA do. I mean - USA do support terrorists from ISIS, that is known genocidial maniacs, they tried to blame Assad for the gas attack made by them in Syria, recently they destroyed Libya (because Kaddafi think it could get away with creating own currency, that will whole Africa use to sell their resources instead of using worthless dollar - he was wrong), not so long ago invaded and destroyed Iraq based on just lies, same with Afghanistan, Vietnam (Gulf of Tonkin lie), Panama, Guatemala, Cuba, atd... All based on lies. So I believe that even if Russia could get away with this, they won't be doing such horrible things, simply because they have no history of doing such wars. On the other hand, USA have an over hundred years of experience in this field. Since the USS Maine exploded in Havana harbor and they quickly blamed the Spanish (w/o investigation, like the MH17 flight case) and invaded Cuba in war for it (1898-1901).

So since I'm a bit skeptical, then it is a good point to made, that it was not Russia, who invested over 5 billions in Ukraine for regime change:
...and this was acomplished using neonazi groups:
And the USA influence was so big, that they are deciding, who will be in the govt and who not:
So the "voting" was just a scam... and it really was a scam, we have proofs that they use voting cards of other people to vote for them:

So I challenge you - where is the "Russian evil"? I did not see it. We also know, that some from the new coalition, sponsored by USA, is responsible for the escalation using snipers that shoot people from both sides, to kill enought people to make crysis. The investigation of this incident (never heard about it, right?) was done by a long time critic of the Berkut police, so not exactly a not biased guy, right? Yet still he claims he find NO EVIDENCE that the snipers have anything to do with the Berkut police:
So we know, who shoot and killed people - especially that the shooting was done from the neonazi controled places.

There is also no doubt about who burned alive people in Odesa:
…and you can even see the Majdan girls preparing the Molotov coctails for this killing:
Funny, how they have the fire extinguisher ready. What about the people that get burned to death? They value themselved, but burning alive others just because they are do not agree with them. And these radicals even photographes theirself with the bodies of the burned alive people - on the video you can see, how they walk the place, taking pictures and making fun of this:

Also we know, who is bombing and mass killing civilians:
...and once again - Russia is not doing this, so where are some evicende about the "bad Russia"?

I only see normal people in critical situation:
...that are under attack, w/o weapons and w/o training, much less airsupport and artillery. This guys are trying to protect their families and other civilians, afte the people decided, that they did not want to be in one stat with murderour neonazis, that grab the power w/o legality. Who can blame them? Where is their right to choose?

And even people, working for Majdan TV, do not doubt that the previous president was removed from power unconstitutionaly, witch make all other things (new president, govt) unconstitutional too:
Legitimacy of Ukraine's new government – 04:29
— CaspianReport

On top of that it seems, that the story of shooting down of the Boeingu 777 flight MH17 with Buk AA system is getting seriously out of the windows, when the plane wreckage show clear 30mm bullet holes in cockpit area:

So because we know, that the Buk fire missiles and not 30mm canon, and the Su 25 or Su 27 are both using a 30mm canons, then we know, that the neonazis must be responsible for the shooting down of the Boing 777 flight MH17. Even oldest Malaisia papers is wrinting about it todays:

…together with experts that pointed this out:ýstřely-z-kulometu/

And the eyewitnesses saw in the close proximity of the shooted down plane two military jets:
Is BBC credible enought? Then the case is closed and crystal clear, right?

So now once again - where is the "bad Russia"?

If people have the rigt for self determination, then they have the right to not bow down to these neonazi criminals and get away from them. If someone have hard time to understand this, then he probably also not understand, how important was for USA to steal Russia the important Sevastopol navy base on Crimea. That forced Russia to act and they will have to act even with force, when necessary. Luckily for them, people vote the Crimea problem easily and w/o doubt. So, peacefull transit.
How peacefull is Iraq, Afghnanistan or Libya these days, hmmmm?

It should be mentioned that the Crimea was "given" to the Ukraine by Khrushchev, who was not any right to do so and he was also Ukrainian, so... In turn, Ukraine make a good money rending the Crimea base to Russia, and they pay w/o complaining. Also there are absurd high payments for the gas transport thru Ukraine. Also Russia bite their tongs and pay. But this was enought. So they get, what they are asked for 🙂

Yet US navy base on Crimea - that was over the top.

Look at it this way - if the USA was right in 1962 to stop the militarization of Cuby by Russia, then Russia had the right to stop the USA (known war criminals) militarization of Crimea - using force, when necessary.

So where are the evidence, that Russia is the bad guy in this conflict, that caused, payed for and supporting extensively USA and EU with NATO? I see no evidence of Russia doing anything wrong, however I'm able to read about what USA is after. This is no secred. Obama outstanding friend and mentor, war criminal Zbigniew Brzezinskij:
…put it deadly seriously and presicely this way:
"without Ukraine Russia ceases to be empire, while with Ukraine - bought off first and subdued afterwards, it automatically turns into empire…According to him, the new world order under the hegemony of the United States is created against Russia and on the fragments of Russia. Ukraine is the Western outpost to prevent the recreation of the Soviet Union."

Details, like the quit of the RT moderator Liz Wahl in live broadcast, was fabricated sarade:
How Washington and its Allies Use Social Media to Topple Governments & Manipulate Public Opinion – [06:17..13:32] 13:32
— StormCloudsGathering

…or what about the US navy put in end of 2012 already tender for reconstruction of the Savastopol base on Crimea for use of the US navy:

…or that the CIA chief visited secretly capital city of Ukraine before the massacres of the civilians started:

...or what about that the neonazis from Kyev is trying to attack so desperately for the control of the Eastern Ukraine (Novorossia now), because IMF told them, that they are not going to get the loan (therefore defaulting) w/o control of the Eastern Ukraine...!
...that is almost too much warmongering to even comment on.

So, at current time, I see nothing that can be blamed on Russia. Who want to blame them anyway and for what? Because of what these neonazis are doing on Ukraine, there could be excused even a full scale military aggression from Russia, to end the civilians massacres.
If these neonazis do not understand anything else that shooting and killings, then so be it.

These old Stephan Bandera guys are up in arms again and the West is supporting them. Since when fashism is okay?

...oh, well, of course, I forget. USA do not support any faschists: