The merits or shortcomings of the Starship Trooper (novel) universe government.

I recently read through Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein, which got me thinking about their implementation of a government (along side all the lovely corruption scandals lately in the Canadian News).

The system outlined how the Terran Federation operates; there are two types of people who are part of it's residents. Those who are standard residents, and those who are legal citizens. Legal citizens are allowed to vote and run for political positions (office) whereas residents can do neither, yet can still live, work, play like that of a citizen.

In order to become a citizen you must have served at least a term (min 2 years) in the Federal Service. The novel goes into more details as to why citizens are the ones who are allowed to vote and make decisions,  If you are a citizen, it means you have severed in the Federal Service, and if you have successfully served in the Federal Service you have the mind that of "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." Essentially it is an Utilitarianism government, though it isn't quite as black and white as that, as Utilitarianism has issues such as dealing with justice.

What got me thinking that this could or would be a good system is that this would not promote corruption, it would weed it out more as there would be more pride for serving the fellow man rather than trying to rip him off and get all that you can for yourself. It should also be noted that Federal Service DOES NOT mean you have to be a grunt in the Mobile Infantry, in the novel it states there are all sorts of roles, such as scientific roles for those who are more adept. This would potentially push more medical/technological breakthroughs as again it would be towards be benefiting the whole, rather than benefiting the few or to make as much money as possible.

This isn't to say that all citizens are rich, they are normal people, hell there are some residents who are rich too. It just seems that those who understand the responsibility of the collective, having served to see that first hand, would be able to make better long term choices that would benefit the whole, then these one term, two term politicians who look to make themselves look better then their predecessor but never really planning into the future for 10-20 years.

I know I missed a bunch of points I wanted to make, but figured this is a good spring board for discussion.

Problem is it wouldnt reduce corruption.  Rather it would make it easier BUT the type of corruption would change.

What you would see is certain 'families' become ruling president/council for LIFE…as their daddies would be the bosses of the military/civil service/science division and be the one responsible for who gets what jobs (remember only peeps who are enfranchised are part of the system...everyone else doesnt count).  Grunts would have grunt kids (ie no family 'pull').  Generals would have the next gen generals for kids.  Head scientist administrators guessed it have future head of administration.  Even now you can see that in the military, federally run labs, etc.  Best / easiest example is the "West Point Protective Association"....which is made up of West Pointer 'ring knocker' who swoop in to save a West Pointer's career after they screw up just because they graduated the right war college.

Yes there would still be the occasional maverick who comes up through the rank (and the occasional fuck up whose family couldnt even keep them out of the shitter) but it wouldnt be enough in the long term.  What you would end up with is basically the EU.  Gov employees beholden to no one but their own head of whatever fiefdom they live in.
This is actually one thing the movies kinda got (mistakenly) right (for the wrong reasons).  It would be a dystopian future rife with corruption.  Morality wouldnt matter only who owed you OR your family favours and who you owe favours too.

You would need a balance modifier to make it work. Something like a Praetorian guard to decide who would get the privilege of being the Council.  This meritocracy would then decide who was the head of a division, becomes a general etc etc.  Of course the PG'ers themselves would have to be carefully selected as they would be the true power (and thus rife for Amoral Familialism to flourish)…maybe only Medal Of Honour winners, (original) Nobel Prize winners would be eligible for Praetorian Guard....and not be allowed to vote on anyone in their family rising in the ranks.  This too would only work for so long (we as a species are great at gaming a system...ANY system) so it would need the occasional reset.

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