What makes you feel safe?

Simple question and on the forum and all over the net we have gun nuts and all others so I ask you what makes you feel safe at home and why.

For example I do not own a gun … my gun moves on 4 legs and if you come into our house at night or come into my yard unannounced expect to see all 82lb of him barreling down on you.

The sign on our gate scares enough people as well even though it is only there for legal reasons.

My pitbull loves my kids my wife and let's my friends and family into our home without issue.

I have no need for a gun as the moment I leave home I cannot defend my loved ones but I know always my dog is there doing his job and making my family safe.

Some might say where they live makes them feel safe or that piece of cold steel that could stop a car dead in its tracks brings them safety, but what makes you feel safe and comfortable?

Believe it or not…..Wind.

Wind makes me feel perfectly content and safe.  The stronger, the better.

… FLORIDA !!!! more wind then you ever need 🙂

Defense in depth.

Motion sensors, IR cameras for long range. Dogs for in close.  All give me plenty of warning.

As for what makes me feel really safe….25.5grs of H-335 over a 64gr Winchester PSP....going 3200fps  😉

I feel pretty safe just living in Canada.


I feel pretty safe just living in Canada.



I feel pretty safe just living in Canada.



Defense in depth.

Motion sensors, IR cameras for long range. Dogs for in close.  All give me plenty of warning.

As for what makes me feel really safe….25.5grs of H-335 over a 64gr Winchester PSP....going 3200fps  😉

That sounds like a lot of over penetration, I don't think that would stop a man hoped up on PCP unless it was a vital organ shot.

Nope. Contrary to movies and public perception the  223 weapons system is actually safer to use in urban environments than shotguns, pistols, or most other rifles.
This is because the 223 round is inherently unstable.

The 223 is inherently unstable because it as A) a small fragile round that is B) going very…very fast.  These means when it hits...it penetrates about an inch or two and then explodes causing huge amounts of trauma. IE you get a large perm cavity AND a huge 'stretch' cavity as  Hyrdostatic shock actually is a 'thing' with fast rounds like the 223.

The military though cant use softips (or even Open Tip Match for grunts - too pricey).  This is why they went with the 556...as the original - as Eugene Stoner intended - BENT almost in half like a banana at the cannelure.  This caused a solid slug to tumble inflecting massive, man killing wounds...instead of going in and out like an ice-pike like the '06 was doing in WW2  The Euros then fucked it all up demanding a heavier bullet of their own design...and this ended the tumbler days of the 556 mil spec round.  Nowadays the latest M8xx series of projectiles can sometimes do it...but its very variable.  The yanks though are spending a crapton to make their heavier pills consistently tumble...again.  BUT this variability is why some vets swear by the 223 and others swear AT it.

In the meantime us civies...can do whatever we want.  The 64grain PSP is what Winchester uses in their own tactical round for SWAT.  Because its a bonded soft point, its barrier blind and penetrates to the optimum range of 12 inches in gel...but no further.

Here is some reading on myth of 223 over-penetration:

Then read on what round to choose for basically all the serious cartridges that peeps usually opt for:

Notice the gel tests for 556 compared to pistols or shotguns.  😉

I personally don't like the 75s and 77s. They are bloody long and can cause issues with some powders (pressure spikes from powder compression due to the bullet seated so deep). Its why I use 55s and 64s (because finding a 55 projectile that is barrier blind is a PITA)...just like the designers intended.

Honestly, I just feel safe. Why worry about someone messing with me in my own house? If they do, that'll be rare and I have so much crap around me I can defend myself. Worrying does no good. Since safety is a subjective matter and feeling, I just choose to.

Just for the record…I have dogs because I breed them...so its no extra work.  I have cameras set up because I have a business (boarding kennel) so it was in my own best interest(insurance purposes) to have them.  I have firearms because I grew up in a house with firearms. Ive been shooting since I was 8yrs old....so having weapons is well 'normal'. Its my main hobby.

Do I feel safe in my own home. Absolutely.  My setup is very safe and secure.  Am I paranoid. Nope.  I have multiple layers of defense so what do I have to be paranoid and worry about?  Its not like I live in a bad neighborhood where the probability of something bad happening is high. 😉

Actually this brings up a very good point.  A lot of peeps are confusing probability and possibility. E.G. The probability of winning the lotto is very low…but the possibility is not zero (someone almost always wins...and sometimes multiple peeps win).

The same holds true of long term threat analysis.  The chances of something bad happening to you are very...very low here in North America.  But they are not zero.  Bad things can, will and does happen to good people.  Should you feel safe here in Canada.  YES.  Should you not be aware of your surroundings, know how to defend yourself and your family just because you won the birth lottery and was born in Canada?  Hell no.  You have home insurance for fire and theft, you should have home insurance for evil people.

Does that mean having a dusty gun in the corner of safe that you never use JUST for 'insurance'. No .  Learn to shoot (its a great hobby).  Then learn practical defensive shooting not just benchrest (eg IDPA or IPSC).  Learn unarmed self defense (for me it was Judo).  Being responsible for your own and your families safety is what it truly means to be an adult....we just have too many children running the mainstream media right now and that simple, historical truth is being lost.