Hype, does it ruin somewhat okay titles by giving them a unrealistic standard?

Same question asked on RHR facebook:

Tell us what you think the most hyped up game of 2013-2014 and why did it not live up to what you dreamed it would?

I would post my number one response, but I think it's fair to more wait for my review to summarize one title instead.

It is not out yet but the Destiny game seems to be majorly overhyped.  Sure the beta was pretty good but I wasn't super OMGIGOTTAHAZ about it.

Titanfall would be the most overhyped IMHO.

Watchdogs.  Easily the biggest hyped failburger of the year.

Usually I don't listen to pre release hype…..but that games hype and its promises to revolutionize the industry made it so no game could live up to expectations.... And it was a pos to boot!