Overlooking Chilliwack Valley from 1/4 way up Elk Mountain on Chilliwack Army Service Road.

Climbing up a set of forest stairs to Chipmunk caves, just across the river you see in the first picture.

Even more stairs… and a rope to hold on to!

At last, one of the many caves at Chipmunk caves.

Awesome photos guys. I just got my first dslr can't wait to learn to use it right.

In Alberta even our mosquitoes are punk rockers

Noticed this last spring the little blood suckers have mohawks

That is a small one, must be a teen.. lol

Little bastards  are everywhere. Driving me crazy.

Free cookie to whoever knows where this is, it's in BC.

some photos from my walk home right before a rain storm yesterday

…. as you can see storm was a brewing

I snapped this pic quick while waiting for the driver of a Mini Cooper to get into position.

It was taken at Snaring, Jasper National Park, Alberta.

Was the mini cooper going to jump it?

Unfortunately they wouldnt give us a permit for that at the park gate.  😞 I even tried to bribe them with a hug!

I had to settle for some car shots on the road instead.

I'd post em, but does a car in nature constitute a nature shot? ;D


Hiked up a mountain today


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