Transferring win 8 to another drive

Is there an easy way to do this?
I'm trying to copy the win8 os to another drive in a system I have here without a complete reinstall as I want to repurpose the ssd drive for a friends laptop
I usually just reinstall, but I don't have the install disc for this pc
It's probably easy, and I'm making it harder then it has to be
I tried a recovery USB but it wouldn't load, so maybe I'm just missing something
Thanks in advance and I hope this makes sense

Don't do anything yet I will give you links to hirens and barts two awesome tools that have Norton ghost and you can use it to image your system 🙂

There you go again with the awesomeness haha
Thank you sir ;D

I'll throw it on my Google drive tomorrow and link it up here with instructions 🙂

link above has something called barts, burn that ISO to disc you can even use the windows usb/dvd tool that is in that folder to do so.

After its burnt put it in your computer and restart.

go into the bios and set yourself to IDE on your sata config (you will find out why shortly)

save the settings and boot into the new barts cd

it will load up like windows xp at first then switch to linux.

Click the start/go and disc backup I believe its called

select Norton Ghost then "Norton ghost" again in the sub folder not any of the ones that say more then "North Ghost"

From there click copy I believe the option is, local disk to disk

Source is your old drive make sure to get the right one, destination is your new drive.

Let it copy.

when complete restart and turn back on AHCI in the bios before booting into windows.

If windows wants to do a check disk let it for the love of god let it!!!

you should boot up now just like before but with a new drive maybe bigger maybe faster who knows thats up to you.

Now I know your asking why IDE for the imaging !!! due to the fact many of these programs shit the bed when they try to communicate with AHCI and BSOD on loading, so switching to IDE is only so the program can load copy and then switch back.

You might get a disk in use error, just click force lock and go about your image.

Yes the disk starts off in Russian or something but it goes to English so don't worry you don't have to Putin anything special into your computer  to make this work 😛

Thanks a million…finally got some spare time to give this a hook tonight.

haha  putin
just read that

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