Asus TF103C Review

In a extremely tablet filled market, where every name brand and knock off is selling their tablets as revolutionary or the best of the best. Asus on the other hand covers all their bases from Windows 8 tablets to their always good crossover Android tablets with the Transformer line. Now bring in the TF103C is it the faster, highest resolution and ultra highest end? Not at all but it does check all the boxes with a awesome price to performance, great keyboard and almost all day battery.

Asus has always been the front runner in the Android market, ever since their first transformer book they have married the keyboard, trackpad and touch screen better than any other. They have never lost sight of their roots in that way, only improved upon it. Today many Asus tablets are even seen in offices and schools, People wear their Asus logos with pride and it is rare to meet any who have anything horrible to say about them.

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Thanks for the review. I have always found these interesting. Whenever my wife's HP touchpad (running android on it) reaches the end of its life I think something like this could be a great replacement. We will see what's around when that happens. Tidy up the sceen, throw wireless AC in it, and get usb 3 in there and it would be amazing…maybe the next gen one will support those as costs drop and hardware improves.

Thanks for reading it Bond007.

I'd most likely grab something in this style if I was going to buy a tablet. Having the keyboard and full sized USB port just gives you a whole other level of usefulness.

The only other issue I see with it is the large black surround around the screen, whereas most tablets have a much thinner boarder now. That said, that extra space makes for a larger (more usable) keyboard. It would  be nice if that was filled with some extra screen real-estate, but if they start putting that (and the stuff I previously mentioned) in, then the price would likely be hiked up as well.