Week Three:September Weekly Giveaway (Borderlands Pre-Sequel)

Welcome to Week three of the RHR Giveaways for September.

This week we have a awesome item to giveaway.
We are giving away one free copy of the upcoming new Borderlands game due out next month.

To Enter into this weeks contest please tell us why you would or would not buy the Asus TF103C as per our review of it last week.
You may enter by posting here(either Forum or Facebook is acceptable)

Good luck everyone

Alreaday have a cheap nexus 7 that I'm barely using  ;)..so would not buy one! Still looking like a great product though.

I have a nook HD… which is basically an android tablet. Dont like it. I want an iPad like my wife has 🙂 Hers doesnt crash and lock up and slow down like mine does.

I would buy it cause that long lasting battery would be very useful on the road or when I'm stuck on campus the entire day with no way to recharge it.

I actually pretty much answered this question on a post about the review.

Right now I don't need anything in this form factor, but I would definitely consider buying the TF103C when our family tablet needs replacement (we will see how long our HP touchpad lasts). It seems like a very good device with minimal comprimises for general use, while having the added benefit of a decent keyboard.

I already own a first-gen Samsung Galaxy and I never use it except to play the occasional game of Robot Unicorn Attack 2.  Otherwise it just sits collecting dust so it's highly doubtful I would be buying a new device even if the cost is pretty low.

I would not buy it as I already own a Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, if I was going to purchase a new tablet it would be the new Shield as I really want something with the new Tegra K1.

I would buy the Asus TF103C for sure…....The long Battery life caught my attention.... Spending long hours in my hunting blind, a strong battery is a must!

It is just a tablet that can be mad into a computer intel has made a better one already and the price is too much for this little thing.

I would buy this. But I just bought the Transformer book.

The Transformer Pad TF103C is an excellent companion tablet, I will definitely buy one and use it to Watch Movies and Anime also Play games and Browse Reddit

$249 is a good price for such a fast tablet, long enough to last about 9 hours and the keyboard dock is a handy thing.

If I were looking for another tablet I would get this one. According to my past research, Asus Transformers were the best then, and the power saving features on this one apparently make it an even better value.

The transformer's latest iteration looks very compelling. The gripe about the screen is appreciated because two things you notice when you get a tablet in your hands is how good it actually displays and how quick it loads. I'm admittedly on the fence, as big tabs like the Slate 10 have bluetooth, therefore folio keyboard capability, and have maybe higher quality build than the ASUS.

I don't think I will choose this Asus pad, the price is quite high and I don't like the design.

well im a pc gamer, the. spec it's bad ,  the sistem androi xdd lel i like more ios  but aesthetically its teally pretty

Honestly what sells it for me is the dock, it looks good and you guys say its solid, I use my current tablet mainly for taking notes and having a dock like that would be great.

I wouldn't buy one simply because I'm a desktop PC gamer.  If I can't get something accomplished while using my Android phone, I'll get it done on my PC.

I would buy…main reason is my previous one broke so i need to replace with something better now!

Lots of great answers. I personally would get the windows 8.1 version we reviewed in the past.

Also don't forget to enter the main giveaway at http://forums.realhardwarereviews.com/rhr-giveaways/welcome-to-theseptember-giveaways-from-realhardwarereviews-com/

Gl all 🙂

Long battery life most definitely caught my attention.  🙂