Seagate EC 3.5" V4 6TB HDD

In the end, if you have neither the budget nor the space to accommodate a bunch of smaller drives, and want performance that belies their 7200rpm speed, the Enterprise Capacity 3.5″ v4 6TB is the drive you should have at the very top of your list for further consideration. Its unique blend of performance, reliability, warranty, and yes even value, do make for one heck of a compelling argument. Even if you can’t afford the ‘flagship’ Enterprise Capacity 3.5″ v4 6TB version, we do think you should give a lot of thought over the new Enterprise Capacity 3.5″ v4 series. Seagate has created what is easily the most impressive 7200rpm hard drive series we have seen in a long, long time.

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I wish one day changing all my 5  3TB in raid 5 for thoses hdd  😮