Great Post-Apocalyptic movie… The Salute Of The Jugger.

Ok so there are a lot of apocalyptic type movies around, but this pic focus's on a team playing a brutal futuristic sport (kind of like football with weapons) in the wastelands and leaves just hints of the technologically advanced rulers and world. If you like Fallout or have read Piers Anthony's Battle Circle books you should really give this movie a go. The best uncut version is called Giochi Di Morte The Salute Of The Jugger /1990 and it has an english track don't worry. I dont want to give away the plot so go watch it.  😉  I also highly recommend reading the Battle Circle books, interesting focus on how society would function.

Hope you enjoy!

Huh sounds like ruger haughers Blood of Heroes. Will have to give it a shot. Thanks

Might be the same movie actually.  Yep just checked same film different name, still a great flick.  Can't believe I missed this one before now.


Yeah it was a pretty damn good movie considering its budget was less than most pepsi commercials. 😛

The only problem with it…is there is too much refined metals (especially 'stainless' types that dont rust worth a shit) for it to become THE currency of choice.  You are more likely to see 22 shorts or 22 LRs become 'money' than refined metal.  Other than that...very entertaining movie.

I agree about the money, I always thought shell casings would make good trade items cause  its not too hard to mix up some dirty propellent and pour some  lead rounds, but I sure couldn't make a casing. Probably devolve to muzzleloaders pretty quick.

I really enjoy the grimy downtrodden people, so beaten and scrabbling away at dead crops in the wasteland.  Yet willing to give up "scrap" and cheer on their boys.