Latest Buy thread

Grabber blue is pretty nice I must say; if I had the cash for an RS I'd probably do that.

Here she is, 2013 Focus ST in Race Red. Not in perfect shape, but I'm okay dealing with paint scrapes in places that I would probably scrape myself. Somehow I haven't been pulled over yet  😮 I feel a bit dirty not sticking to the imports….

What is the first mod you are going to do to that car?

Exhaust most likely. Sold off the Acura and think I'll 50/50 the cash into early car paymentand exhaust.

I've replaced the intake filter already with a K&N one so I could hear more whooshy noises  😄 Probably gonna grab a ram air funnel for it as well since the stock snorkel is kinda shitty.

no ecu replacement and reprogramming? i mean intake and exhaust mods are pretty tame mods. why didn't you go with an Impreza?



What are you doing with that Elgato?


why didn't you go with an Impreza?

Looks to me like it is basically the same thing, but probably more available and cheaper to fix.
A Subaru will have a higher resale value but I am pretty sure LP is going to be driving the balls off his car, so resale value does not matter at that point. 😛

Congrats of the car LP, have fun and stay safe.

Used rexies keep their value like you said, which put any newer ones out of my budget, and insurance was fairly higher compared to the ST. Plus dong a timing belt change on a DOHC boxer looks like torture.

I thought hard about an AccessPort, but since it's my daily for mostly highway I wasn't really wanting to push it. Coming from an NA D16Y8 I'm already playing with more power than I can complain about. Exhaust replacement is purely to give it some growl when I punch it since the OEM one is super quiet.


What are you doing with that Elgato?

I use it for all my videos now and this weekend I will move it to my recording only rig

By using this in a recording only rig I will be able to stream higher end games without odd crashes from OSB (Trash program) haha