DeepCool Pangu SW V2

Pangu SW V2 -

Ok, let me start by saying I won this case in a contest. It just arrived at my door a yesterday.

Unboxing was fine. Packed like most cases with just Styrofoam to hold it in. No dents or dings even though the box had a few spots that took hits. Set it on my desk and immediately see an issue. The Pangu comes with easy access fan doors. They "click" in and out. The font panel has a broken "clip" so its not flush.

I tried clicking it in hard a few times in case it was just not pushed in enough… nope.
this is what is broken.

So after popping it out.. the panel sits flat for now. I have contacted DeepCool and they said they would take care of it. (I will update when I get it.
I am using their pics for these because, well.. they will look better than my cell phone pics lol

The case overall is nice. Has a good solid feel. So I pull it apart to look at all the parts. Its very easy to disassemble. Front and top fan panels come off easily, and the entire front and top panels pop out as well. (Some cases have the top panel screwed in, not this one) - The wires for the USB/power/etc are fed down through a little "cut out" on the back panel, so I had to feed them back up to actually remove the top. Plenty of space on top if you want to use a few fans or even put a radiator on the underside, and fans on the top. Nice idea.. so you dont have to have the radiator AND fans inside taking up room. As far as the wires, I will more than likely route them a different direction so they wont be visible.

The case comes with 2 Fans. One in front, and one in back. Both are clear/blue LED. They are wired for Molex AND 3-pin.. while this is handy, Im not a fan of this design. I like to plug the back fan into the MB so that It can be set to speed up when it gets hot. The ugly silver wire and big molex plug will be clearly visible unless I can squeeze it through a crevice. Doesnt matter anyway, I will be replacing them with Red LED (or white, havent decided) so they go with the MB (MSI) - There is also space for 2 up top, one more in the front, and one on the bottom… also one in the window if you want.

EDIT: Added

Bays/Trays - Officially it says (6) 3.5"/2.5" switchable drive bays. (2) 5.25" bays (all tool free) - plenty of room - plus the center set of three can be removed in seconds without tools, in case your GPU is HUGE. Now, the odd thing is there is a 3rd 5.25" spot inside at the top? it has the tooless clip on the side, but there is no access/panel at the front. My only guess is the frame for this case is used on their other case (the tesseract).  (You can see it in the pic below)
Inside is… plain. Nothing exciting. No extras. No grommets on the wire holes. Holds ATX/MINI ATX/MICRO ATX/MINI-ITX Motherboards and can support up to 165mm CPU cooler (good thing.. mine is 160!) There is a dust filter

Panel/window - Funny thing is when I won this, they said it was the v2, not the SW (side window) so I had made plans to cut my one custom shape! well.. plans were ruined lol. The window is sturdy (thick) and has holes for ventilation and a fan. I dont like this look but thats just personal. The window is bolted in instead of clipped in like I have seen in other cases, so it should be more sturdy. Actually the whole side panel has a solid feel for having a window. Its tinted too. I may replace this as well with a nice clear panel. (who am I kidding, I will probably never get around to that lol)

There is a dust panel on the bottom as well. Easily removed for cleaning.

Thats it for now.  I will try to update after I actually put parts in and see how the wiring goes , etc..


I moved everything over to this case. Everything went fairly well..

The spacing behind the MB (back panel) is  a bit tight for the HD cable area. The CD rom location… well I screwed up lol. I popped the lowest panel off and slid the drive in, only to realize, that the actual front panel doenst have a drive opening there??? So I moved it up one...popped out that panel... and... then realized the top most panel was already open for a reason. No big deal, until you see the LED lighting pouring out the missing panels! hahah, a simple fix to just cover them back up on the inside.

Only other dislike is the side window... the vent holes are horrible IMO.

great article my man but wheres the end result, gotta see those photos 🙂

ahh sorry!

They sent me the new clips.. UPS from CHINA! they came in a metal TEA can in a silk pull string bag! probably cost 30x the cost of the clips lol.

Here is an outside shot… Changed the front fans to red and the back one to white (i dont like the blue look)
Added a DarkSide LED which also bleeds out the top venting...
and.. im sure you can see... why I dislike the vent holes in the side.
I also found it odd that the window fan mount is right over the CPU.. but if you have a big cooler, no fan will fit.
I also dislike that the window shows part of the HD cages.... eithier all or none.

And here is the inside.. GPU painted and one cable sleeved 🙂