RIP Sentinel Advance by CM Storm

Over 5 years now you have been my main mouse.
You powered through all games I threw at you without a complaint, issue or random disconnect.
Till last week. The starting of the end.  Random disconnects and a complete loss of the will to live.

Today I put you down. disconnected you from my main rig and set you aside. You were replaced with a mouse I thought I would never try or use or for that matter buy… a R.A.T.

Though your replacement has not yet been broken in, I truly notice the advances in mice over the years. you are not longer shiny, new and top notch. but this Low cost Rat brings a lot of potential to the game.

And if nothing else... Be happy I didn't replace you with a Razer mouse... Be happy I am not a Alienware pusher, or 13 year old who says "Razer is the best cuz they advertise everywhere".

RIP Sentinel Advance you were a great mouse and we had a great run


Today I price matched the rat 5 tossed the 3 back at best buy and wow. just wow even better than before

love this mouse.

life is good

RIP Sentinel

They had RAT 7 demos setup at futureshop here, tried it out today and it's reaaal nice