Asus R9 280x DirectCU ii Top

Another awesome review from GaK_45 and it really does showcase that Fanbois need to calm down and just respect great products from both team Red and team Green.

In fact this particular AMD R9 280X is easily one of the best R9 280x’s you can find and indeed is a down right steal at $250. This card will net you an extremely enjoyable video gaming experience and if you are so inclined you can tease even more performance out of it as it is built like a tank. A tank with one of the most robust power delivery and cooling sub-systems you can find – regardless of price range!

Thanks for the review. Its always nice to see performance and bang for buck get re-evaluated as product stacks change. DCII does seem to be a great cooler in every iteration. I really hope ASUS maintains that and doesn't let the quality of the cooler drop to make an extra $1.

Thanks for the reviews.

I am currently looking to change my GTX 690 and i kinda like thoses new Radeon card. 
My GTX690 still rock but 2GB of ram per CPU is a little tight to play in 2560X1440.
I wanted to play in X2  2560X1440 (i have 2 monitors) but i need to lower my setting which the result wasn't nice.