GPU comparison tool, or summary chart

Just had a thought, and decided to write it here before I forget. I very frequently go to anandtech for their GPU bench, or techpowerup for their gpu performance summary (techpowerup's summary has A LOT more GPU in the summary then most review sites).

Not that I want you to try to emulate what either of those sites have done, but some form of master GPU comparison tool that spans across reviewed GPUs is great. The ability to see how a 2-4 generation old GPU performs compared to a current gen is very useful…as those people will be very likely to be the ones upgrading. I know I have answered many forum questions using links to that type of chart or comparison.

I understand that it can be difficult to maintain a solid data set with limited variables over that time, so maybe consider a very small set of games along with power consumtion to use for a longer duration. IMO maybe 3 games covering a range of developers and drop GPU out of the chart once 4 gen old. Or you could phase them out...for example have all gtx 9/7, but then maybe only 680/660, 580/560, and lastly a 480.

Obviosuly that is just an example, but I believe it would be a good idea to develop as the site progresses.

I can guarantee that as next gen cards are added to the list that I will keep older gens in the mix (will try to keep the settings as close as possible for the older…but if a setting is not supported it aint supported).  May not be 100% coverage but if a high and mid are should get a good idea where 'your' card fits in the mix...and if upgrading is a good idea or not.

Fully understood on the setting support.

My main point is that many reviews too quickly ditch "older" cards, when they would be a good portion of the people upgrading. I wouldn't expect you to hang on to them for excessively long, but atleast a few generations. For example someone recently asked me where his gtx 470 would fall in performance compared to a gtx 750 (non Ti). Comparisons of cards like that can be difficult to find. Like you said though, even having something close as a reference would be good (a gtx 480 for example as a sole card from that generation).

Sounds like you have a plan to keep it all under control anyway. Cheers!