Lan Party at mega scale assistance

hey hey all sorry for being away this last week been flying around the arctic for work 😛

So I got a question… well a few

Who attends lan parties here?
What do you like or dislike about the ones you have been to?
What would you change?

If you have ran one, what advice do you have for groups wanting to start running them?
What did you use for power?

Thanks I'm sure theres more but been up since 4am doing a report to tired to type.


good lord.. the last LAN party I went to… was... maybe 2000? lol we played UT99 for 3 days straight.
So, cant help with this one... the LAN parties I see now are big, have prizes, and are never near me. (Not that the wife would let me go hahaha)

I've never attended one. But I'd love to, if this is a hint to something to come in the future I'll definitely come to Calgary to attend.

Been to many, mostly small, a couple of big ones.

Most important thing: Everyone has chairs and power. If they need special chairs (I.E. armrests, back support, etc) they bring it themselves. Standard power bars are fine, but no more than 3-4 PCs per breaker.
Second most, easy LAN connections for everyone involved. Make sure a many-port gigabit switch it available and that everyone has enough rj45 patch cords to plug in.  Lastly, be aware that many modern games require an internet connection and can't just do local-LAN anymore. That means a good solid 10Mbps or higher upload speed and higher download speed is needed so everyone can connect without issue.

Thanks for all the advice guys  🙂

I will post some of the gear we are making for these Lans shortly 🙂

I have a group on Facebook for my local LAN gatherings. I have access to some fairly large spaces at my work and all the network/power/internet needed. I generally try to put one on every 6 months to a year.

Issues I run into that could be isolated to my situation, getting people to play the same game, and getting peoples schedules synced up to arrive at a specific time. Since these happen at my work, I'm the one responsible for everyone coming and going. It's a secure building so I end up doing a lot of organizing and helping people bring machines in and not much gaming. When one guy goes for a smoke, and then 5 minutes later somebody decides to make a snack run, it's not very easy to get a lot of gaming in. Maybe I need to delegate more.

More to come when the next occurs.