RHR: What do YOU want to see in a gaming review?

A question to any and all: What would you like to see in a videogame review? What do most reviews lack? What do most do too often/make too boring? What do you like about gaming reviews?

Shout out and be heard!  😎

I always want to see short videos comparing highest settings to lowest settings. It's good to see as not everyone can max a game.

I find many reviews lack a discussion on multiplayer and co-op portions of the game…10 pages on a single player story, and then a one liner saying there is also co-op. I understand most games focus on a story, but it should at least give some info on how well the game is setup for co-op. Some games have pretty poorly laid out co-op. And multiplayer is a whole other issue. I understand it is nearly impossible to consistently compare hardware in multiplayer environments, but even a brief discussion stating that it is heavily GPU and/or CPU dependant...resulted in FPS being similar to/substantially lower than in single player etc.


I always want to see short videos comparing highest settings to lowest settings. It's good to see as not everyone can max a game.

I agree. Even pictures of a scene side by side with the difference is great. Taking that even further I like when game reviews show a break down of the benefits vs fps penalty of various settings (since I never have the hardware to just max a game). I know that gets fairly intensive, but for popular/demanding games I think it is very interesting. For example, in some games the difference between 2 and 4x AA is massive, and in others it is less noticeable. FXAA works fairly well in some games, but is borderline terrible in others. Dropping terrain details a notch may have a minimal affect on picture quality, but substantially boost fps…or the other extreme, where terrain quality might be the last thing you want to lower because it causes a massive change in quality.

The only thing is… at some point too much concentration on the quality of the graphics turns such a review into just a graphics one. I agree that a few screenshots in fixed positions should be added to compare lowest and highest settings, but spending too much time on that may take away from the rest of the game... I.E. story, gameplay, multiplayer, controls, difficulty, etc.

If I'm to try doing this kind of review, I want to focus on what the average player's experience will be. Not everyone has 3x GTX980 in SLI... I currently am (only) using a GTX680 2Gb. I may get an upgrade to a newer single GPU, but i'd like to try to keep review aimed at the 99% that don't have a $4k gaming PC and infinite funds. Those people know they'll get more out of the game than others.... Going back to the 99%, one of the things I'd like to try to do is show people what a minimal setup can do.  One of the biggest questions I get asked by gamer friends: "Sure it's a pretty game, I guess, but I don't think my system will run it - and I don't want to buy a game I can't play without knowing beforehand". With this in mind, while most of my review of a game will be on my "average" PC, I want to put in some tests on a lower-end system as well. For example, I have an A8-3850 APU system, which is pretty close to most entry-level laptops that one would even consider gaming on. Trying the same game for a while on that system will help those that hesitate in buying a game due to their hardware....


I agree that you don't want too go to extreme into what I mentioned before, as you are after a game review. I also agree that the APU would add an interesting bit of info to the mix.