Anyone else playing?

I recently decided to give it a go despite the mixed opinions. I can be honest and say I haven't played the previous games in the series (well only a few minutes at a friends place). I won this game on the latest contest (thanks again!).

So far I have a few opinions on it.

1. It seems to be poorly optimized, resulting in the really high system requirements. It does look good, but not as good as I would expect with the system you need to run it.

2. Because of the above point expect to run it on lowered settings unless you are on a latest and greatest GPU. Low texture quality for 2gb vram, high for 3gb, and ultra requires 4 gb vram (this is what I read you require). I am running low texture quality (still not bad by any means), most other settings turned down, no msaa,  but environment on high, and it has resulted in 1.6-1.9gb of vram used for me.

3. The story seems good so far (only a couple hours in), and game play is interesting.

4. I have experienced a couple random exits from the game, and a couple random freezes resulting from ACU.exe failing. Hopefully these issues will get sorted in the next patch.

Seems to be a good game, as long as you go into it with realistic expectations of game settings, and expect a couple hiccups while some bugs are still worked out.