My most recent build- AMD Test Drive Build (2013)

Haven't built a new PC recently but this one was from last year's AMD Test Drive which I participated in..

  • AMD 6800K APU
  • Gigabyte GA-F2A86X-UP4 Motherboard
  • Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 mid-tower case
  • Fractal Design Tesla R2 650W Power Supply
  • AMD Performance Series Radeon Memory 2 x 4GB DDR3-1866 dual channel memory kit
  • Kingston V300 60GB SSD
  • LG 24X DVD Burner
  • OEM AMD Heatpipe CPU Cooler
  • Windows 8 64bit install disc

Here's a pic of all items AMD sent me.

Getting ready to install components.

Motherboard and APU installed.

PSU, SSD CPU Cooler installed. Went with a Thermaltake Frio OCK instead of the stock cooler.

Started organizing the wiring.

Not sure what the issue was but I had very little luck overclocking at all. I think the issue may have been that the motherboard may have not fully supported the 6800K Richland APU. My first motherboard died almost immediately and a replacement board was only slightly better. It runs OK at stock settings but overclocking is a no go.

Is this for the build log contest?  I didn't see a Topic for it so I was just wondering.  Thanks

Great rig, I had the 5800k and really liked it but thanks to other forums and great friends I got moved to a 4770k 🙂

I will pm you shortly with your code

thats two down 3 to go:)