Build log for competition

AMD FX8350
Old GPU was Radeon 7750 1GB
Current GPU is Sapphire R7 265 2GB
8GB 1600MHz Kingston HyperX RAM
MSI 970A 643 mobo
Enermax ETS T-40W CPU cooler with extra Enermax White LED fan
Enermax Ostrog Pink
Western Digital 1TB Blue HDD
Standard DVD R/W harvested from her old PC

I built this on one of the many nights I spend awake while my wife and kids sleep.  This is the first build I've done solo and obviously budget was key.  It's a very capable machine for gaming as long as in game settings are managed accordingly.  My wife actually had won the Ostrog Pink from a Facebook competition and everything else was purchased over time when we had a few extra dollars here and there.

Great rig and of course you get a card you will get a pm in a few hours with the code.

My wife went with a pink case as well.

Great build and congrats

Thanks for the kind words.  I gave the code I won to my wife since it was the build for her computer that I shared.  Let's face it, I have about 100 games that I haven't even run for the first time yet.  She has Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel.  She's downloading Farcry 4.  It seems like the best choice to me, too.

Happy wife = happy life.