Build log of my folding PC


First was 2X 6128 then i sold them for 2X 6134  ( i don't find pics of thoses 6134 )
Asus KGPE dual socket board
16GB DDR3 1600Mgz  ( already have them in stock)
Evga GTS 450
2X Noctua Heatsink
SSD Corsair F3 60GB
Seasonic 560W

No case for that build.
I just sit the MB on few pieces of ceramic to keep it cold.
Oh … and you will love the monitor i am still using. ( check last pictures)

After all, the worker need something good to keep cool

Haha nice monitor, I used to use the same one as a secondary display a couple years ago.

Awesome build would of been a awesome BTC board back in the day to.

Supa your old enough to remember CRT!  ???

Thanks for sharing your key will be sent out shortly.

I am still using this monitor when i got some computers to repair.  it still do the job.

Nice, I always wanted to play around with a dual CPU, inspires me to pick up a dual  Pent2 system lol.