An intro Gamer PC for a friend

Hi everyone.

This is a build I recently finished for a friends teen son entering high-school, of course its for research and homework riiight.

I decided to go for an AMD  mantle system  as he didn't have a lot of cash and I figured he could get the best bang for the buck that way. Thanks to everyone who helped make this system possible.

AMD 945BE CPU Overclocked to 3.8GHz  (thanks Socrates_Johnston)
MSI 970A-g46 AM3+ Motherboard (thanks Ballistix)
MSI R7950 Twin Frozr OC 3GB (thanks Ballistix)
8 GB various 1066 DDR3 Overclocked to 1600 (thanks Soulessone21)
Seagate 1TB 7200rpm HDD
Corsair TX750 PSU (thanks Ballistix)
Lepa ATX PC case
Hyper212+ EVO (2x 140mm)

This was a great case to work in REALLY cheap but quite solid and no sharp edges.

Luckily lots of room for the super long Corsair cables.

This was a great little build, it just all came together without any problems. I even loaded it up with a bunch of games from my unused Humble Bundles, no more console for that boy.

Next up my WANG 2200 build, a real vintage beauty.

Nice build…especially on a budget. What did your total cost end up being? I haven't heard of anyone using that case, but it seems relatively solid.

ooh yeah .. nice little case you got there.

Nice build btw !

Thanks for the compliments. The whole thing ended up costing him a little north of $550,  also got him a CM Storm Devastator keyboard/mouse combo with the blue back-lighting  and a lightscribe DVD-R.  Originally I had it overclocked to 4.1GHz but the heat was at an uncomfortable level so I backed it off a little, I'd have kept it there fo myself but not for someones first go.

If I still had the case in my possession I would do a full write up on it, I might just order another one, its a very nice case to work in. Full mesh front with two offset meshes for easy cleaning, filter for PSU intake on bottom, CPU cutout, huge CPU cooler clearance (165mm), room for 5 fans and NO TOP VENT to spill crap in. Now its back to full price at $30 but I bought it half off, I'll just have to wait for the next sale 😉

He appreciated the time spent finding LED bling that was all the same color for his peripherals/motherboard accents. On a further note the LEPA tag on the front of the case can be removed with a pen eraser, it will take some finish off so be prepared to stick something else there if you remove it. I recommend automotive decorations like chromed tags/stick-on whatever.

Love the for friends build, next time pm me for a amd board I have way too many 😛

great build

Yeah, I'll have to save them from the wall of doom your building. ;D