Worth mining with 1 gpu?

Is it worth mining with just one r9 280?


Is it worth mining with just one r9 280?

In honesty not really if your doing some litecoin mining and your rigs on normally anyways why not but otherwise not really

if you have free power then hell yes

no free power and you know what i would roughly make per month with that one card?

at this point maybe $5 -$10 a month or you could just mine doge and donate it to me thats ways a great return on investment as I buy much of the giveaway gear with doge and btc 🙂

but honestly its more worth it these days to pickup a cheap ant miner or gridseed
I loves me my gridseeds mine at the same rate as your 280 and use 7 watts of power can you say awesome as I sure can 🙂

have you mined much at all already?

I'd say no, the days of mining are long gone. I was lucky and started mining doge the day after it launched and cashed out at the peak.