RHR wants to help families this Xmas

This will not get in the way of our reviews or giveaways don't worry πŸ™‚

We at RHR really care about the people in our communities, already we have donated a personal laptop and a few other items to Neighbourlink Calgary. If anyone ever knows someone in need please post here as we are always happy to help where we can.

Now lets really make a families xmas, Right now I got a request from Neighbourlink that someone needs a gaming computer for their 3 sons and cannot afford one.
Though in no way do I consider a gaming computer a must for most, I feel the need to help and explain why I believe for some it really is a essential. When I grew up gaming brought be closer to many of my friends and that is even how my wife and I enjoyed many years of our marriage. Gaming to some is just a hobby to others it is a way of life, an escape from the mundane and a truly amazing experience.

So with that thus far we have collected:

RX00: Case Lanboy Yellow and Coolermaster 212+ cooler (Thanks buddy)
Soullessone21: Dell LCD 22" 1080P
Soullessone21: EVGA 750 watt psu

HDD: 1TB 7200 rpm donated by Jenny from Techwave πŸ™‚
GPU:6970 RHR Team donation
Motherboard: MOBO COVERED BY Tray GA-A75-UD4H sadly the asus we wanted had no I/O shield but this board will work great thanks so much Tray
CPU: Huge thanks to Dan on Kijiji for the FM1 quadcore, sadly the board that was with it has a damaged cpu lock no big deal we can hunt down a board right guys πŸ™‚
RAM:4GB Stick from Techwaves Jenny thanks so much and 2 gb from Lpfan4ever, 2 more empty slots
Keyboard and Mouse:Dan dropped off a basic keyboard and mouse, thinking I love the RAT 7 so much I might just have to donate that to πŸ™‚ (Soullessone21 Bought a devastator series keyboard and mouse today for the donation) Jenny from Techwave donates a kickass mouse pad
Speakers and headsets:

A quadcore of any kind I think would be a best fit if possible.

Now guys we need to build the rest of this computer, If you can donate parts or even pool together a few dollars(would rather do crypto currencies as we can use them at newegg) then right away we will post a thank you to you here as well as thank you on all our social channels.

Lets defy the odds and prove even though our community is small our hearts and our desire to make this world a better world is large.

Thank you from everyone at Real Hardware Reviews

It's sadly all I can contribute. Hopefully somebody has some better kit to throw up!


It's sadly all I can contribute. Hopefully somebody has some better kit to throw up!

Thanks Kyle any little bit helps πŸ™‚

Hoping to have something completed by next week the latest if not the missing parts will come out of my pocket.

Thanks again


If anyone has a 1366 motherboard then we do have a 1366 rig that showed up with a fried motherboard we could part out to make a working decent rig.

we currently have a i7 960 in it but like 30 popped caps on the board haha

we now have 2 quadcores but still no working board I know we can hunt one down on the cheap guys πŸ™‚

I could donate a GTX480 1.5GB not the greatest with todays VRAM requirements but would blaze through med settings I think. I could even throw in a DWOOD bracket so it can be hooked up to a AIO if someone donates one. Let me know what you guys think? I know a 750 is the perfect PSU for it too even gives a good OC.

For John, and everyone involved:

I wanted to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to this organization and John for donating a personal laptop to my adoptive family!

This Christmas I decided to do something I've never done before and adopt a family through NeighbourLink. Being a single mom myself, I was matched with a mom and her four year old son. I asked the mom what they'd like for Christmas and one of the requests was a laptop/computer for school, as she will be doing some upgrading in January in order to get into a unit clerk program.
After telling my partner about my endeavor, he then shared this information with his friend John….and wow!!...I was told that a laptop was available to donate for one of her Christmas presents!! So exciting!

I dropped off the gifts including the laptop to the family on Saturday, Dec 6, and asked her to open the laptop gift bag...she was SO happy and excited. She couldn't believe that she had a laptop to use for school.

It's organizations and people like John that allow people like my adoptive family have such luxuries/items that she would not normally be able to purchase on her own due to her financial situation. I am forever grateful and appreciative for the kindness and thoughtfulness during the holiday season.

Again, thank you so much for your donation of a laptop!!


I wont be around until the 20th but I have a bunch of decent 775 stuff I can donate with a X5460 Xeon I believe it is. I have speakers and older laser mice too.

Let me know.

Funguseatter that would be perfect in my mind, I am happy to throw in my all in one as well πŸ™‚
Jenn thank you for your kind words we were more than happy to help
Tray thanks for the offer but the deadline is the 20th 😞 we are trying to have it done for the 15th. Right now I am about to pay out of pocket for a F1A75-V PRO (only $42) but we do need a good ram kit still hoping for 1600-1866 8gb kit

also we lack a small SSD anyone got one? lets wow these kids πŸ™‚

Board is now covered thank you again Tray

We need some more ram
a good SSD or HDD, guess I'll get off my butt and review a HDD this week if no one can donate one.
I am trying to get some great gpus to donate think we may have a 6970 that would work fine to.

So just really ram and hdd and some games.
RHR will donate a game or 2 of course though πŸ™‚

Also looking for good headsets speakers and even a mouse pad and kb and mouse

I just want to add to what John is already doing.. I am going to try and see if we can sign these guys up for Steam. If we can I'd like to see a few people possibly donate some games.. as I'm sure a few are sitting on some.

Thanks enaberif and great idea you have there. It is enaberifs girlfriend who is leading the charge on this donation and he will be doing the in home setup πŸ™‚

Thanks again buddy


You got it! 480 on the way, with an adapter.Β  Should be there Monday. And it doubles as a space heaterΒ  ::)
What a great idea for xmas.

edit:: missed the the PO today, can still make it out tomorrow morning tho, yay!

edit 2 ::Β  Awesome, what a great idea this was, way to go everyone.

Thanks fungus but we had a local donation of a 6970 today πŸ™‚ huge updates on the donations on the way

I have probably 40 game keys that I can throw in

Hey Everyone!

enaberif's g/f here πŸ™‚ I just wanted to come by and say how much I appreciate all that you guys are doing to help this family out. When I asked for their wishlists they literally had all clothing/winter gear with the exception of a computer/PS4/3DS XL. Obviously funds were not there for the latter two.

In steps John on the computer front. This is going to make their Christmas amazing! I've let the mom know that we have someone working on building them a computer but have asked that she keep it a secret from the boys (ages 9, 15, and 17) so that we can surprise them!

We are delivering everything to them on Dec 20th and I will definitely come back here and do an update on the reactions that we receive.

Again, thank you all so much for donating all the equipment that is required (and to John for offering to pay out of pocket for anything that wasn't able to be donated).

Hey hey everyone the rigs getting loaded up now still have cable cleanup to do and install steam but thank you everyone you all rock.

Looking really good John! I can't wait to deliver this to the family on Saturday!!! πŸ™‚

Thanks again everyone!

Anytime and thank you RHR community you guys truly are the best community on the net.

We also got a upgraded hdd, more ram and a gaming keyboard and mouse due in tomorrow πŸ™‚

Can't wait to finish this awesome rig.

Too bad I am missing 2 screws from the coolermaster 212+ as that would of been great to throw on this awesome computer

Steam is now setup on the system to donate any games please PM me and I will give you the steam account to gift to πŸ™‚

Thank you everyone.