PNY GeForce GTX 970 XLR8 4GB

_Once we start to actually use this card we quickly realized that PNY XLR8 970 needs no excuses made for it, and its performance speaks more eloquently in its defense than we ever could. To be blunt we like this card and we like it a lot. Some of our new found respect comes from the fact that it is the first x70 video card that downright sips electricity. _

Another amazing review from GaK_45

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that is a NICE looking card!

This card needs a mini waterblock so bad.

Really wanna make a build with dual GTX 970's and waterblocks think it would look awesome.

Thanks for the review GaK! Nice performance, as all 970 are. I really think it should be more unique to carry special branding (xlr8 in this case). But that said, it is an impressive card none the less, and I would love to have one in my case. If only.