Mechwarrior Community Warfare

Community Warfare Beta Trailer – 01:07
— MechWarrior Online

Many of the RHR staff are MWO players and now the game has completely changed, planets are now won and lost by player interaction. The universe is in constant war and we need you to join our lances of mercenaries, Clan mates and warriors of the inner sphere.

Our team speak will go live shortly for those of you looking to Lance together.

Though one of the others fights for House Davion we all know victory will be for The Jade Falcan Clan, For the KHAN's

Anyone who plays is welcome to join and our factions and ecosystems will be going online shortly.

Thank you and look forward to seeing you on the fields of battle

Thanks for reminding me to download and try this game. Was disappointed with Titanfall's price and…. everything else about it. And Hawken has (or maybe had) some horrible balance issues. Hopefully the true mech-combat originator is still the best, mechwarrior...

Now I have no idea what these factions are all about, but i'll fight with you if you want.