Any good steam sales?

Can't find any good games on the steam sales, am I blind? What did you get?

I grabbed borderlands 2 game of the year addition at 66%off.

Nice I scored a don't starve together package. $5.50 for all the don't starve games and betas and a second gift copy of don't starve together.

Still amazed just $5.50

Gotta catch you online so we can play Soulless, Don't starve is good fun  for sure 🙂


It's up in price now. Any other finds?

I finally bought (after "testing") what is commonly refered to as DLC simulator (trains sim 2014) got the game for 85% off and just a couple dlc packs for 50% off. US freight, and the Revelstoke-Lake Louise pack.

Just the kick to get my year old (but now upgraded before first use) pile of parts together. My first goal is to populate my monitor stand, and reinforce my glass top computer desk.

No way there's a revelstoke to lake Louise pack?!

I picked up Euro Truck Simulator 2 for 5.74 🙂 its actually fun!