SOLD: Asus Gene VI, EK mosfet wb, 4770k, 256gb 840 pro. Opened, not used.

Since it took me too long to build my recent project (was waiting for the watercooling setup to work itself out) I never got my desktop up and running. Fast forward a year and I've upgraded before even ever booting it up. So I have some spares for sale, Opened boxes, installed but never run, then disassembled and re-boxed.

Asus Maximus VI Gene, Socket 1150 Z87 mobo, (cpu/HSF currently installed) $200
Intel i7-4770K cpu, installed but never run/booted so I cant speak to temps/OC'ing. $250
EK mosfet waterblock for the above mobo, clear plexi over nickel. Sealed in the box, never got to this step. $50
Samsung 840 Pro 256gb, hooked up to the rig, never even powered on. $100

All sold, thanks for the interest.

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