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I have the Note 4 and I can comment a lot about its usability.  As far as size… lets be honest fellas, I dont know anyone that has a smart phone that uses it primarily as a "phone".  Its a mobile computer and as such you owe it to yourself to have a screen that is big enough to be comfortable using it.  Now, any comment on the screen being too big for a phone is suffering from the misunderstanding that they have a computer enabled telephone, when the truth is that they have a "telephone" enabled "computer".  When you think of the "phone" as a "computer" then you'll quickly realize that tiny little screens really fkn suck and anything smaller than 5" is really uncomfortable to use.

That said, the Note 4 is pretty big.... when you are used to carrying around a tiny one.  Give the larger screen phone 1 month and you'll never use a smaller one again.

My note 4 fits perfectly comfortable in the back pocket of my bluejeans.  It fits perfectly well on the dash of my truck, it fits perfectly well in my han.... wait.... its a little big for my hands... i do drop it a lot... it could definitely use some kind of grip or handle for 1 handed use....  you really wont be able to 1 hand this sucker.  so just accept that you need 2 hands to use it and you'll have to stop drivng while texting so that you can use both hands.  It does have some software solutions that make 1 handed use more viable (reduces the "screen" to a much smaller one so you can reach all sides with your thumb) and it works pretty good.  but not as nice as having 2 thumbs... certainly slower, unless you are fluent in SWIPE.  I suck at swipe personally.. so i like having 2 thumbs... except when i do a lot of chatting, then my thumbs get sore and i turn on the voice recognition and just talk to it instead.  it isnt faster than typing usually, but it saves my thumbs.

The battery life is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME a bazzillion times better than Apple can do on any model of their phones. (and many other brands too!)  You see, I just use my phone as much as I want, I can watch movies on it for HOURS and if I have any grief with power, i pop off the back and CHANGE THE BATTERY.  What a concept eh?  I dunno why nobody else has ever though of this.  I mean, its a computer right, they make removable batteries for laptops, it only makes sense to have one for a mobile computer too.  I think it comes back to the "phone" misnomer that makes people forget what kind of options should be available for it.

Speaking of power... I don't know how the note 4 rates in the "most powerful smartphone" arena but there has been absolutely no ap / game / size of movie that I haven't had a perfectly acceptable experience with.  Its simply "powerful enough" for all I do.  (and I do a lot with it.)  Emulators are the only thing that can trip it up, but there isnt a computer in the world that can run all games on all emulators with any kind of reliability.

The stylus is the very reason I have a note 4.  I used to have a note 2 and It was absolutely powerful enough to do what I wanted.  I got the note 4 because I am stupid and though "hey, its more powerful, maybe I can do MAOR"... but it didnt.  nothing i was able to do on the note 4, could I not do on my note 2.  Except check my heartbeat.  I had to use my watch for the heartbeat on the note 2...  ...Wait... sorry I got distracted... the STYLUS was the reason I got the note 4.  I am so used to having one from using my note 2 that I would really miss it if I had a phone that didnt have one.  I mean... can you comprehend how difficult it would be to play baulders gate using my finger to touch all those tiny UI elements?  I can't imagine how all you folks with no stylus and SMALLER screens cope with playing PC games on your phone.  The stylus makes accurate selection a breeze.  Then there are those pesky websites with non mobile versions and the damn flyout menus that only fly out  when you hover over them... have you ever tried to hover over a menu when it can't tell you're there till you touch it?  Well, the stylus doesnt need to touch to be recognized, so with the stylus, those websites are a breeze.  I admit that those kind of websites arent exactly "common" but it seems to happen to me a lot when I'm trying access a corporate site that isnt intended for mobile users...  Ah well... one day the world will wake up and realize that smart phones are computers, not phones and are perfectly well suited for "work" if only people would treat them as computers and not nurf them because they thought they were phones.

Speaking of games... The Note 4 comes with 32gb internal mems... but as we all know, there is no such thing as "enough space" on a "computer"  this is why we all so often find ourselves running out of room on our phones.  Since we incorrectly think of the device as a phone, our expectations for the amount of storage space we need are similarly skewed.  The Note 4 will accept a Micro SD card and it does support the largest capacity one available today (128gb) so you can store a whole lot of PSP ROMS on your phone and enjoy them on the go.  Additionally, I keep a lot of kids movies on there for when I need to do something and there isn't anything better for the kids to be doing.  Anyone with children will understand that they are perfectly happy to watch the same movie 40 times in a row... unless there isn't any other choice.  If there isnt any other choice, they will definitely hate the show that is available.  So you need a lot of storage space to hold a good selection of titles.  I tried to be smart one time and just made a bunch of empty files named with a bunch of random kids movies but the little brat called my bluff and I had to use up 700mb of my insanely expensive data plan so she could watch the title I said i had but didnt on netflix and save face.  Never lie to your kids people, its just not right.... and will cost you.


Note 4

tis gud phone.

has replaceable battery and expandable memory.

Has stylus.

Has big screen.  Big screen iz gud.  Small screen iz bad.

Has lots of powwa, but wont play Crisis....  Can play flappy bird tho.



Just picked up the Z3, it's a very nice phone. The camera is pretty disappointing though, thinking about trading it in for a G4 tomorrow