I 100% think a smoker is a must at all homes and today i am making ribs if they turn out ill post the guide 😛
Heres how they looked at 2 today

Now we keep going.
Ribs one are 3-2-1 step smoking still
This is them at step 2

and heres the other set at step 2 thats about to go to the fryer

now ready to fry

Final step for the one set as i am making 2 kinds of ribs for dinner tonight.

The dry ribs get dried out

other set is minutes from done as well.

Ribs from the smoker are the best. I wish I had mine here!

What model do you have?

I own a Brinkman electic smoker great to learn how to smoke with.

Today doing jack Daniel and candied smoked salmon 4 more hours to go

Two hours in heat is a little to high added some cold water and brown sugar

At 4 hours we are done (smoker temp and outside temp getting to hot.

At 2 hours one got ate as bbq salmon and at the end another piece got ate before it hit the plate.

Honestly tastes amazing full recipe to follow 🙂

haha….some disappearing throughout cooking sounds like what would happen if I was doing this as well.

Looks delicious!

Lpfan4ever was nice enough to offer to watch our dog and house while we travel this summer so tonight he's coming over for dinner and to make sure the dog gets along well with him.

Tonight's main is triple meat smoked meatloaf

Stage 1 seasoned and veggied up pork and ground beef

Stage 2 setup the bacon

Stage 3 football stage more bbq sauce and wrap this bitch up before a few hours in the fridge

Missed step 4 when I threw this loaf in the smoker and 5 before she got marinade.

Step 6 "Like a boss"

This is a brown sugar and whisky homemade bbq sauce and damn is it good

You wanna come cook at my place?


You wanna come cook at my place?

My wife is the pro cook at our house haha.

The smoker though makes some damn good food… Damn good. Beef roasts and pork loin is my favorite but after tonight it might be meatloaf haha


Meatloaf was awesome. Dat sauce.

Thanks it was great having you over

The completed loaf

What do you do in bc on holidays? You go fishing and when you bring nearly 25 lb of salmon home you smoke that stuff up.

That's 1/4 a 21lb Chinook and 2 good sized pinks.

Damn good, I only share with local members haha

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