Graphic card review structure

I just finished going through the PNY 980 review, and had a Couple comments on the structure FYI…obviously its my opinion, so take it for what its worth. Mostly good points anyway, so not really much for change requests.

  • Great overall layout.
  • Love the performance summary page.
  • Like the scorecard page to see why you gave it the score you did.
  • I don't think there is a need for the "real world in-game explained", or "synthetic gaming benchmark" pages. I see why they are there, as it breaks the games between the two styles of testing, but it adds two pages that don't really have anything related to the GPU being reviewed. Again this is my thoughts, but maybe move the info to the "testing methodology" page, as it exlains all the testing anyway, and each title already has a description at the top of their respective pages explaining how it was specifically tested.
  • Last point is minor. The fps charts are great, but the color scheme looks very familiar to reviews on another site. Not sure if the program you use gives you options to make it more unique to RHR colors or not (maybe some combination of blue/ white/ green/ grey).

Again, all this is my opinion, so take it for what its worth. Hopefully some of it is useful for you guys.

Those are some great points Bond thank you,

(Editing falls on me 🙂 ) I will make sure to move the testing to one page and abbreviate what testing is done in the titles of the game sections 🙂 I really see what you mean there.

We all use Excel as far as I know (I know I do anyways) I think Blue and Green is where we should go but we also have silver and gold to work with so we will discuss this further with the review team 🙂

Thanks for the advice and we will take it to heart my man

have a great weekend


No worries. Have a good weekend yourself.

The colors are actually default excel spreadsheet colors. 😛

But good point, we will investigate changing them up a bit more in future reviews.

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