Calgary Beer Night :D

Chime in people whos in:D ???

Well I am still in, but you knew that already.
Did I scare everyone off?

Out of town, eh at least its work.

How many people did you manage to get together? Enjoy the night out Calgarians (and those traveling).

There is about 6 or 7 who confirmed.

A few more maybes to.

Thanks to those who showed up, good seeing you guys. 🙂

Great seeing you as well and hope we can have some bigger beer nights in the future 🙂

You should have one in Halifax! ;D

Perhaps one that is a bit quieter, I generally could not hear what you guys were saying even before the music started.

Soullessone, I task you with going to lots of pubs to find just the right one. hehe
Make sure to check them at different times of day too! 😉

Really wish I could have made it, next beer night I will make it my mission to come!


You should have one in Halifax! ;D

That's a weee bit of a drive for me haha