Samsung 28" 720p 60Hz LED Smart TV (UN28H4500AFXZC) - Black

For 229 that's not to bad. Got our 1080p 55" for 399 boxing week a few years back.

Kids have a insignia 39" we got for 229 at future shop to

These cheap tvs i know a few people got and love

Cheap for a brand name smart tv, but 28" is a bit on the small side…Good if you know you will be close to it though.

Not too bad then, I picked it up anyways. We don't have cable tv so I like the WIFI for netflix / youtube without needing apple tv box or anything. It's a small room only about 4 to 5 feet from where you sit to the TV so I definitely don't need a big tv in the room haha. Besides it's a for a spare room anyways 😛

Nice. It will work well for that.