Welcome awesome people from Warthunder subreddit

Today I started a post on your great Subreddit and right away some very awesome people started messaging me.

We plan to do a giveaway or 20 haha for your group this weekend and really are enjoying the ideas you guys have put forth.

here is the post : http://www.reddit.com/r/Warthunder/comments/2y0spl/looking_for_help_with_a_giveaway/

If anyone here has good ideas for War Thunder giveaway ideas please post

thanks again


My name is Rokathon and I support this message!

I look forward to the event(s).

Soullessone21 Is trying very hard to make the best giveaways. He cares alot about your opinion and is very kind. If you have any ideas, post them on the reddit post. It will help everyone. 🙂

I just gave the link a skim. Seems like you are getting some good input. The screen cap idea should help generate some new forum members/posts. Videos and a ladder competition seem like great ideas as well, but given that they take quite a bit more time complete/organize/administer it will be vital to ensure you have a large enough interest before jumping on board (IMO). I think one of the most important things at this point is to make sure the "grand prize(s)" are appealing, and getting word out anywhere and everywhere once you decide how you will run each contest.

I have been extremely impressed with r/WarThunder, first post ever today and the community there has been a massive asset to making better giveaways.

Your whole community should be very proud of how amazing you guys are  😎


Actually this might not on topic for Warthunder but my cousin wants me to build him a mid/high end computer and I've been out of the loop since I built my last one like in like 2012.  His guidelines: money is no object $_$, must be fast, fast enough to get…the fastest times for day trading stocks?  Also be good for gaming for his kids.

Been looking at the i7-5820K; not sure about its speed to price ratio etc.  Plus a decent mobo for this processor and dual video cards.


The New lga 2011 v3 is great for future proofing do to ddr4 but all in all the 4790k is going to be awesome for gaming and stocks. Pair that with a msi or asus gaming/over clocking board and your set. More than enough to power through games and stocks. That is for cpu power for the important parts ssd and gpu are key.
Since money is no option titan X 😛 jk a nice 980 sli setup will power through anything and for SSD's I'll get gak45 to comment as he knows way more on the drive front.

Hi, thanks for posting on r/warthunder. Good luck everyone.

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