So I want to replace my GTX 470, which by the way is still doing great.
But anyways, thinking of going either with R7950 3GB OC or GTX 960

Those are my two options reason being found some for good prices.

prices what are the prices that dictates to me which one. Lately amd has been very good to me but the 960 is a great card and is super efficient.

If your power bill is important the 960 is the card for you

Those seem like a pretty big difference in price. On a budget you can grab a 7950 used for $100 (less if you look). So on a budget it's the card to get. A 960 will run you quite a bit more $, but is a great card for 1080p and is efficient. Your call, but I wouldn't buy a new 7950

By the sounds of it the GTX 960 is the way to go

Did not think the R7950 used that much more power

You getting them new or used? Price?

The R7950 is new, but for for $170 shipped
GTX 960 is $40 more

I'd say the 960 just for the long term savings on power…. And it's newer architecture....

What brand and model are the 7950 and 960?

MSI for 7950
and Galaxy for the 960

But I bought the 960
Thinking of getting the 7950 for my son pc.

Been actually pretty impressed with the 960's they are damn sexy (99% of the time)

the 7950 is aged you should buy some site owners 280x 😛

I just might have to buy some X280 from someone on this site  ::)

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