Monitor or gpu…ugh

So I made some extra (not on the wife's books ) money, that I'd like to put toward either a new monitor or gpu
The only thing I do is play BF4 when I have time and browse.
I currently have a LG 27" 1080p lcd which works great, but I've been looking at a 2560 x 1080 0r 1440 lcd for some time now.
Are the Korean LCD's decent? Worth the chance? ANd would they be ok for gaming. Most of the ones I have seen are vague on the response time specs.
I also have a AMD R9 280x at stock speeds.I play at mixed settings to get better frame rates in the game. ANd to be honest, I don't see that much of a difference in the visual settings in the game (bf4) to crank everything and drop below 60fps
Sooooooooooo, should I grab at a 2560x1080 lcd which I've been looking at a lot. I could get the widescreen format for gaming and not be as demanding as a 1440p screen.
Or a 2560x 1440p lcd and save up for a better gpu down the road.
Either one of these would be a Korean model as that would be the budget ballpark I would be in.
And lastly…do I upgrade my gpu to a 970/r9 290(x) and hope the exchange rate changes and grab another lcd when I can affford it
The LCD option is really spiking my interest, as gaming at that resolution is supposedto be awesome.
Is there anything I should look out for if I do go that route?
Thanks and hopefully this isnt a too all over the place question.

Check and see if BF4 properly supports those extra widescreen resolutions (talking about the ultrawide 1080 monitors). I know that is an issue people are having with that type of monitor in many games right now. They end up having black bars on the sides of the monitor that are unused. I would go for 1440 personally, and wait for the GPU later.

Or buy a cheap 280x from me do crossfire and get a sweet deal on a mono price screen. I have tried a few of there's and always been impressed

The Korean CATLEAP Q270 LED 2560X1440 WQHD LED is a good monitor.

Size : 27" (68.47cm)
Resolution : 2560X1440WQHD
Screen Ratio : 16:9 WIDE
Static Contrast Ratio : 5,000,000:1(DCR) 1,000:1
Brighness : 380cd/m2
Reponse Time : 6ms
Viewing Angle : 178o/178o
Input Signal : D-SUB / DVI-D Dual Link / HDMI / AUDIO IN / AUDIO OUT
Power Supply voltage : DC 24V 5A
Power Consumption : 63W(on), 0.7W(Stand by, off)
Sound Output : 2W x 2W
Product Size with stand : 648mm X 505mm X 259mm
Product Weight(Unpckaged) : 7.2kg
Components : DVI-D Duallink Cable, Power Adaptor, Power Cable, Audio Cable

Price is good , around $300

I'd love to get a another one…but I am stuck with a single gpu in a itx case.
I have a AZZA Z case, and to be honest, it's one of my favorite cases I've ever had. Not the best build quality, but it takes up no real estate on my already over crowded desk and I have a semi decent little system in it.
i7 4770k
h97i plus
16 gb ram
seasonic x 760 full modular
asetek aio for cpu
samsung msata with m.2 adapter
r9 280x
pretty happy with it, for what it is and the size of it

yep, that's one of them I was looking at. Seems to have decent user reviews over various forums with only a handful of bad experiences.
I could maybe grab one of them and turn down the settings in game, and hope it will handle it.

Talking from experience over here, Q270 - Shiman (or something like that, it's 12am, I want to sleep) then crossover 27 1440p monitors, they are damn freaken amazing!!!!!!! I would def get one of those! Drop the 21:9 monitor, I looked at one for a long time too, went to NCIX and sat down and play for about 15 minutes, they're awesome in gaming (they only had a racing game so not the same as BF4) but you can't compare the quality of picture between a 21:9 and a 1440p. 1440p all the way!

There's one downside though, when you go to work/school or use any other computer, your eyes will hurt from 1080p which will look like an old 800x640 CRT monitor 🙂

I have two Catleap Q270's that I bought believe almost 4 years ago now. One of them was kept at home as my main screen and the other one I took in my luggage every two weeks for 3 years. The one I took traveling is looking a little beat up now but still works just as good when I bought it. Both are great monitors for gaming and web browsing. They have flaws but I still really like them. Each one has one dead pixel (really have to look for it), backlighting slightly darker on one side and stand tilts slightly to the right. I still use these all the time. Not sure if these been improved over the years but id still buy another if I need another monitor.