Throwback Thursday Review:The Witcher

Throwback Thursday!!!

Arinoth Reviews The Witcher in his three part trilogy while waiting for the Witcher 3 to be released.

"Has the Witcher mutated into a game you should go back and play?"

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lol, I was half asleep when I read the title, took me 5 minutes to finally realize that it's a review on the Witcher not The Witcher 3

haha Nice, its a good review, when you wake up I would give it a read. Or just do what I do and hit the TL;DR and go over to GOG haha

Finally about to play through the Witcher for the first time, nice review, got me interested. Any advise about good mods to add, textures, weapons, conversions?

I played the game vanilla aside from the respec mod. I did not spend a lot of time looking for textures. As mentioned in the review, if you don't like the standard combat there is a mod that changes it, never tried it but some people enjoy it over the vanilla combat. Witcher 2 does not have the similar type of combat (swords) as Witcher 1.