What Thermal Paste do you like

So what does everyone use for thermal paste.
As well should you try something new or stick with what you trust.

For me I am still using ARCTIC MX-4

Most of the big brands are within a few degrees from what I have read. I have used mx2 (seemed great), a zalman one with my cooler (also no complaints), and ic7 (great results but hard to work with).

I am still going through a big tube of MX-2.
For more important things I have some Antec Formula 7, but I am 99% certain that IC Diamond was better. Last time I was looking the problem with IC Diamond is availability in Canada. ๐Ÿ˜•

Well I ordered some Gelid extreme, from Newegg and see how that does. Sent a email to IC Diamond. See what they say on where to pick up there product in Canada.
Found this site who as it

Big old tube of arctic silver ceramique 2, love this stuff.