I-5 3570k

What do you think about this one (3570k) what power I can squeeze from it?=)

What board are you running with it?

It's a great over clocking chip with the right board.

MB: Asus P8Z77-V
But dont know the version (Probably Pro  😕 )
I used Aida64 for got yhis info

if I decide to overlock this processor
do I need a new cooling system?


if I decide to overlock this processor
do I need a new cooling system?

if your using the stock one then yes, if not what cooler are you using?

if you want to go cheap stick with something like this

set the cpu voltage to fixed and set it to 1.1 or 1.15 and crank the multiplier up to 41 or 42 ( will show 4.2Ghz in the bios) and try her out

I had my 3770k at 1.4 and 5Ghz using a basic AIO cooler where the one I linked you my wife uses it on a 3970x overclocked to 4.6ghz with turbo turned off.

PS always turn off turbo 😛

3570k is a great CPU….I am using one in my desktop. I have mine undervolted and slight overclock. Running 4.1ghz (1.09v under load if I remember correctly). I use a 120mm fan tower heatsink...this one if you want to know:

Got it for $10 on a great sale once. Any descent cooler of that size would be fine for you (typically on sale $25-35+tax). The most commonly recommended is the cooler master 212 (various models are available).

I leave all the power saving features on, turn turbo off, set multiplier to 41. Then I slowly reduced voltage offset until I got to the min that was stable. This way voltage will drop when under a light load (mine drops to 0.9v), whereas setting the voltage will have it at a fixed value on most motherboards (but it is easier to do).

3570K is a fun cpu to overclock if you have the right batch . Most of the batches do 4,5 GHz with a little bit of tweaking .
On air cooling you should not pass 1.45V , and  if you change VCore and CPU PLL is more than enough  .