RHR will be doing ongoing build log giveaways.

From this point on we will be doing monthly build log giveaways.

The rules and thread will open up shortly so start taking those photos and building those rigs πŸ™‚

-RHR Staff

Mod of the month?? SWEEEEEEEET

Thinking twofold on this whole idea,

Part one will be monthly giveaways on the must voted for builds.
Part two will be monthly "Best post/Most Helpful post"

thinking steam cards for both or a AAA game πŸ™‚

I agree on part one! you would need to do multiple things though, separate the sponsored ones from the non as they have an advantage.
Blind voting!! as in, people can't view the poll until after they vote or else people will vote the already winning mod.
Have the rules state that RHR may use those build pics everywhere as that would be great publicity πŸ˜‰

Part two, that will be hard as you'll need someone indifferent to keep an eye out on every post