R9 280X 3dMark 11

So I benched my HIS R9 280X iceQ X2.


Does better then my GTX 960 EXOC  it can only do P10018 that's best it can hit with out crashing.
This 280X still has more room to play with..

Pic added of the Galax exoc and HIS R9 280X

![bench 005 (600 x 450).jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/bench 005 (600 x 450).jpg)
![bench 005 (600 x 450).jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/bench 005 (600 x 450).jpg_thumb)

Looks good. Why did you decide to switch from the 960 to the 280X (or is it for a different computer)?

Its for a different build that I  had planned on doing.  R9 280x is a spare for now.
If you lived closer I was going to lend you this until you got yours back.

But in benches the R9 280x does better in some cases then the GTX 960..
OCed 960 bench and its best it can do

Right on. I don't know of anyone in my area that is on either computer forum I go on. Though now that I think of it arinoth is in halifax now…he probably would have a computer to test the 280x (I was in halifax on the weekend). Oh well. Replacement is enroute to me now. Fingers crossed for a smooth swap once here.

How was the HIS for temps/noise?

I m glad your new on is on its way.

I am using a tech station so you can hear the fans low noise. They never went loud set at 33% fan speed and kept temps at 60C to 65C, the HIS has a huge heatsink for spreading heat.
I think if it's in a case you would not hear it at all.
What I will do is take a noise level test and will take pics of temps and short video of fans running..

They do not sound like turbines if that's what your wondering..

Well, even that I can look at 3DMark 2011 only on YewTube, the scores aren't that much different:
10278 - R9 280X
10018 - GTX 960 EXOC

So, either 3DMark 2011 play favor to nVidia cards more, the cards are very comparable. Witch makes me wonder, if they are comparable in games and their framerates - or if one of them clearly run and feel better that the other  😉

For games I find them close to same fps. BF4 frames was like 10frps different , WOT was higher for 280X over 960, about 30fps. but this is WOT so.
Armored Warfare 280X again beat GTX960 by 15fps. now that is stock clocks
But even so I think 280X and the GTX 960 run close

So that means the 3DMark 2011 is losely representing what is happening in games - for some, there is notable speed-up, for others not that much. But if the card overal run faster, then it is better that using GTX 960  😉

So in the end, AMD R9 280X looks like a better deal for the money to me… or I'm wrong?

Also it give you the Mantle support, so it should be good ... how much is BF4 faster using Mantle over DX?

The only downside is the extra power and heat for the 280X IMO.